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Im into editing my home made skiing videos on computer. I stumbled onto this little explosive film in another forum. Makes my own videos look kind of lame.... can anyone tell me why?

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Lame videos? Lucky you! Makes my skiing look kinda lame.
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You need to video from a helicopter to get those angles.
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Ok, add to cart: helicopter
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That last wipe out looked kind of bone braking
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It's gotta be the "Tom Sawyer" cover.
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Lets see, could it be because you are starting with a mini DV camera recording your buddies rather than a $15,000 film rig with 3-foot lenses filming "pros" that have no regard for self-preservation? Thanks for sharing.
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Hello Cirquerider, and thanks for all the help on the software frontiere. I payed the 100 bucks so now Im in business for shure. At the moment Im crippled because of back pains so no skiing at the moment but editing makes up for some of that missed fun. That last fall on the video.... uhhh it hurt....
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