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Any big changes in the new 6 stars from the ones 2 years ago?

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I am looking at buying a pair of 2 year old 6 stars.
Have there been any big changes made to theses skis?
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THere is virtually no difference between the 2004 6****** and the 2005 version. The side-cut and materials are the same. THe only difference is the binding configuration. THe 2004 piston set-up is such that the piston was placed between the heel and toe of the boot. In 2005, the piston was moved forward so that it lays just in front of the heel. THis year, there is also an extension of the integrated system in that there is a metal bar that is connected to the piston that screws into the ski about 1/2 way between the toe and the tip. This makes the 2005 slightly more damp than the 2004 version. I own both skis,,,,,,,,,. The 2005 6****** skis a bit more like the 2004 5*****. Both skis are awesome carvers on hardpack thru 3-5" pow.
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The 6* was introduced for the 2003/2004 season so this is it's second year of production. The only differences between this years 6* and last years 6* is the Binding (1200/1400 piston vs. at/at race pcos), and the tip profile. The only way this changes the way that the ski skis is that it allows for easier flex. So the ski is slightly more user friendly this season.
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Thanks for the input.
I was told that he bought them in Aug of 03. So I guess I am talking about the first model of them.
Any changes in the ski besides the changes in the motion system?
Thanks again
I am looking at trading these
05 Volkl 724 pros 184cm
Skied 1 day at Vail this year.
Volkl sent these to me as a replacement for a pair of G4s.
They are non motion, mounted with a new pair of Look P14s to boot sole 325.
New condtion like I said skied only 1 day.
Will sell with or without bindings.
$475 with bindings
$300 without bindings

for the 6 star skied only 3 days as he says
What do you guys think of this trade?
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Sounds like a deal.
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Is it mounted with the piston system or the regular motion system? If it has the piston system, go for it. It's a good deal.
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I don't think it has the pistion system.
I hope to get them today and give them a try while working on my suntan out here in CO. We have 73 in Fort Collins yesterday and near 70 already today.
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I have done a lot of skiing on both the 724 Pro and G4 (AX4). If someone wanted to replace my AX4s with 724 Pros, I would be pissed!
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Yes I was pissed. I guess the only good thing was that I still had another pair of G4s.
I liked the g4 so much that I had bought a 2nd pair right before they stopped making them.
So yes I am now selling the pros because they are not the g4 kind of close but not the same ski when you ski it hard.
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You and I have some things in common. Right now, my quiver consists of a pair of AX4 (178); 6****** (168) and Big Daddys (193).
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So Canyons,
How often do you get out the 6 ******? I have been using my g4s as my every day ski, even on the big days I get in at Alta. I am looking at the 6****** for the hard pack days.
My buddy runs the rental shop at the P-dog and he know my skiing pretty well. I was just talking with him over New Years about the Big Daddy. Because I have been looking forward to giving them a try. He told me good things about them but that I would end up breaking them with time. How have yours been holding up for you?
I do have a habit of breaking skis and my g4s have been nothing but bomber for me. All I can say is that I know I need to be on a wood core ski no foam for me.
I am looking at the 6****** in a 182. I am a pretty strong skier and a big guy. I am 6'1" 235 pounds
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I am 5'10 180lbs. So far this year, I have about 18 days in (all in UT.) ...14 days with my G4s and 4 with the 6******. Today thru Monday may be good days for the 6****** in the Wasatch. The 6 stars are meant to be skiied short. The rule of thumb is one size down. Generally, if one skis the 5***** in 182, then ski the 6 in 175. Regarding the Big Daddys, I love them, but I only take them out after 30" dumps. The AX4 is just too good in knee deep. (Volkl made a big mistake in discontinuing them). A really good alternative to the BD is the Volkl Explosiv in 190.
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