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Avalanches, NY Times - Page 3

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Originally Posted by Utah49
Hows it going Gadget? Haven't seen you posting here in awhile. I have a few passes to the canyons. If your still skiing there It would be good to get a few turns in with you. Yes the two were from Fla but had lived here for a few years.
Yea, I think they lived in South Shore. Let me know if you guys go.
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Lodro do you get some time off during the week? if so how does this Wed sound?
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Yea, I think that'll work, PM with time and place. Early afternoon is usually best for me.
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OK, so we're all right. The couple was from Florida and Park City and they were probably gypsies to boot. Skiing gypsies. RIP gypsies.

Originally Posted by Lodro
Let me know if you guys go.
My new job has me working weekdays . . . . unless there is some fresh and deep calling my name. Saturday perhaps?
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Can't do Saturday -- clinic. Sunday, though or following sat.
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Lodro, Howabout we meet in front of the lookout peak Restaurant at 1PM?
Gadget, I have a few passes for the Canyons so I might be able to do sat as well Wens at lets say !pm by the Gondola.
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