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TR: Quebec City tri-ski area.

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Met up with our very own Jamesdeluxe to sample some Quebec area skiing over the MLK weekend.

Day 1- We met at Le Massif, where James was being given carte blanche by the resort in return for a story he was doing on them. We were led around by a very cool young Quebecois guide named Anthony. This dude was a nut. After he left us 2 lame-o's, he was going whitewater paddling. Did I mention it was -19C? Anyway, he said this was the first day in years that he'd spend a full day on resort groomers. Nothing else was honestly skiable that day. But we had fun.

The view of the St. Lawrence river rivaled that of Lake Tahoe, and the mountain was 1st rate. Long cruisers, some decent looking glades, and good high speed lift service. I'd love to go back when it's not bulletproof.

Day 2- Not anxious to get 1st scrapes in such brutally cold and icy conditions, we elected to meet at QC's local's hill, Stoneham, at around 12:30. Again, a very cool mountain. Cheap ticket, good lifts, and a nice variety of terrain.

James and I headed over to the one sector that did not host night skiing, with hopes of finding the least wrecked pistes. We were successful. It was definitely better than Le Massif condition wise. Though we agreed that their double diamonds would be blue squares most places. We skied past dark under the lights, than decided to call it quits as I was getting rather cold.
This is another place I would go back to.

Day 3- James decided to bail early due to a variety of reasons (wisely I might add), and I went to ski Mont St. Anne. This is the biggest of the 3, the "mega-resort" of QC. I t was also about the coldest day of the 3, and windy. Short version, I only lasted about 4 hours, and skied a pretty good portion of the open terrain.

Nice views, good sized gondola, nice variety of terrain, good terrain park. The only real downside was the relatively expensive ticket, and the potential for crowds (not an issue on a Monday). I quit when fog rolled in. I can do poor vis, ice, and extreme cold, just not all 3 at once.

So in summary, conditions were too harsh (bulletproof and balls cold) to let me have TOO much fun, but I did get a good sample of what skiing QC was all about. I'm sure JD will chime in with his comments and a pic or 2.

I'll have to go back in March or something. Au Revoir.

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Had a nice time skiing with Xdog at Le Massif and Stoneham. I'd love to go back when conditions would allow us to ski in the trees.

I hope to have an article or two up about the trip sometime soon.

Here are some pix:
http://www.ofoto.com/PhotoView.jsp?&...3536889 42203
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Hey Guy's I'm glad you had a good time. Let me know if you come back!

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