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K2 Black Magic

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I found a pair of the K2 Black Magic skies that are 178 in length,& have the Marker 6.2 bindings.

I'm an advanced intermediate skier, I ski mostly in the North East,USA.
I like to on occasion play in moguls, the park, and the pipe.
I do spend most of my time just having a good time skiing with friends.
I'm 5' 7" & about 155 lbs.
I usually ski one to two times a week.

Could anyone tell me if these would be a good set of skies to purchase or are they to long for me?
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Hi Lance,
First of all, welcome on board!

I'm 6' (OK, I'm actually 5'11.999, but you can't see me, so we'll just pretend I'm 6')

I have the same ski in a 178 with Salomon S850 bindings on them.
I bought the skis when I was an intermediate, used them as I improved, and loved them. (still think they're great)
I change this year to Axis X Pros, because I wanted something with a better top end, and also for the powder.
I think it is longer than I would choose for you, but if you are truly advanced intermediate, then you'll be able to cope with the length OK.

Just my opinion.

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For open terrain skiing they'd be great for you. BUT: Considering your height, weight, level and things you like to do, these are going to be longer than optimum. In other words, if you went to a retail store to buy these new in the plastic, this would not be the length for you to buy. HOWEVER, you could do worse - after all, they're not mid-fats or anything, so the extra length means less than if you were talking about the same length in a mid-fat. In THAT case, they would DEFINITELY be too long. If you can get the Black Magic or comparable ski in the next shortest length, that would be better, but if you HAD to ski with these and just did it, you would survive.
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These skis are not too long for you!
They have the same sidecut as the K2 four, if not less, they might be 2mm wider in the waist, can't remember. I am pretty close in the weight stats and skied the 4 for a couple of seasons at 193. They are fun and quick in the bumps, as compared to some of the greater sidecut skis. The Four's were very easy to ski.
I am assuming that K2 has not updated the magic series for this year, and you are talking about the relatively straight ski from about 3 to 4 years ago. You can find this ski new for about 150.00 cdn. Sidecut is 99 - 65 or 67 - 88.

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A couple thoughts.

The K2 Black Magics have a 99-65-88 sidecut, identical to the K2 Fours. The difference between the 2 skis I believe is that the Black Magics are a little bit softer than the 4s and don't have the piezoelectric dampners that the 4s have.

I'm 5'10", 180# and I have a pair of Black Magics in a 188, which is a length I feel pretty comfortable with. I'm a strong intermediate / PSIA level 7. If I'm not mistaken, the Black Magics were targetted for intermediates, and given how much skiing Lance does, if he's improving he may soon want a higher performing ski than the Magics.

Finally, a question for the board: For the type of skiing he does (mogals, park, and the pipe), would he want a different ski than the Magics? Maybe a twin tip?

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