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Opinions on Dalbello Zeon ZX Supersport?

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My Rossignol Course boots are about 8 years old, and I've decided it's probably about time for something new. I was considering the Tecnica Diablo Fire, but when I tried some on I was having a problem with my heel lifting. The salesman suggested I try on the Dalbello Zeon ZX Supersport. It does seem to be a better fit, but frankly I'm concerned about its low price. (I can get them for $395 compared to $599 for the Tecnicas.) I have no objection to saving money, but I also believe that in general you get what you pay for, and I'm wondering if this is truly a high performance boot, in the same league as the Tecnicas. I'm also concerned about a comment in Ski Press USA about the Dalbello: "Beware: Rearward cuff movement reduces control at the end of turns."

Anyone with opinions about Dalbello boots in general, or with experience with this specific model? Thanks!

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Dalbellos are great a "value". I like the Krypton for perfomance in their line. I have tried the Supersports and the fit was very nice. Take testers comments with a grain of salt..these guys have huge egos and have to say something about everything, even if its just in their head. See the thread on "Top Speed".

Trust your feet not a magazine review for fit.
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I believe the rearward cuff movement warning is in regard to those Dalbello boots that have the Ski/Walk/Carve switch on the back. Dalbello eliminated that on this year's Supersport. Although I didn't ski the Supersport, I did try it on and check for this looseness in the rearward flex and it's not there on this model. I own a pair of CRX Diablo models though that do have the switch and the sloppiness in the rearward flex is definitely there.

As Phil stated, Dalbello boots are an incredible value for the money. You're not paying for all the overhead of larger company's advertising budgets.
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I would also agree that Dalbello is an excellent price- value product. I have had two pair, the CRX Diablo and a pair of V Pros. My experience with the brand has been they tend to be pretty large volume boot. The liners also pack out, but in fairness that is the case with many boots. If I had it to do over again I would have downsized a shell size, and the boots would have fit a little better over time. But if you have a wider foot and a bigger calf , Dalbellos are hard to beat.

The new Krypton will fit a narrower foot much better.
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I love my Dalbello V-Pros. go with the best fit.
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I juat talked to my buddy at Dalbello. The review that you are refering to, was based on a pre-production boot. The cuff concerns were addressed by production. Go for it.
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Any opinions on this boot's forward flex rating...and the possibility of adding a screw?? to stiffen it up, if desired....? I haven't tried to hunt a pair down to try on, but I may in a few weeks or so...

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I just recently purchased a pair of these and have skied them 6 or 7 times now.

Mine fit great, and ski well. I was a little weary of the rearward movement comment too, but I have never noticed anything to that extent. The boot has a ton of nice features and was about 50-80 bucks cheaper than all the others in its performance class where I bought it.

I would buy mine again if I was doing it over.
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