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Lifter plate question

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I just picked up some Volant Machete Soul's and Salomon 810 ti Axe+ bindings. The skis come with a lifter plate mounted on them stock and the Axe + bindings come with the taller silver plates on the toe and the heel. My local shop mounted the bindings with the salomon plates on top of the volant plate.

My question is will this be too tall? I am not racing and most of my skiing will be in bounds with the family with a few runs out of bounds when I can. I am a pretty strong skier. Again, the silver salomon plates are the taller of the ones that come with the the 810's. I have called around to some shops (and even pm'd another member here who just got the same setup, but hadn't skied them yet), but I wanted to see what other people here thought. I have never really skied with tall plates, just the heel plate on a 997 carbon. Thanks!
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OK, just did a search in the forums here and got some good info. Still curious if people think this particular setup will be too high. Anyone know the excact heights of the volant plate and the Salomon 810 ti Axe+ plates. The salomon site says height is 28.5. Is this the heel lifter plate height? The salomon site also says vertical TOE is 10, is this the toe lifter plate height? I am pretty sure the lifter on the ski is 12mm. That would put the toe at 22mm and the heel at 40.5mm. Again, what do you all think about this height? Seems really tall to me, but I haven't skied anything that tall and will be trying these out this weekend hopefully. Thanks again!
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I am running Salomons with lifters on 5 pair of Volants I have. Remember too, although there "appears" to be a big lifter on the Volant, the ski itself is thinner than most other skis out there. You will be fine.
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Yah, 40mm lift is nothing to be afraid of. I am not so sure about that ramp angle (why do manufacturers insist on that), but you will be just fine.

I have 45mm lift and used to have 55mm total on some older carvers with a Hangl plate.
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