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Aspen/Snowmass conditions?

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Heading to Aspen/Snowmass next Wed-Monday. Is there anyone who's skied there recently that can give an update on the conditions?
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Skiing is still really good. Getting a little warm the next couple of days.

This looks promising:

Discussion...--> Weaker high pressure holds next Tuesday and Wednesday but colder air filters in those days. Late next week we should see our first storm of a number of them through early February. Next weekend through early February look much colder and with occasional snows through the period (2 weeks?), possibly significant (some powder days) by next weekend. CM.

I'll be skiing during the x games, if you want to take a couple of run send me a PM.
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I'm always there the week before X it seems. Anyone gonna be there while I am? (22nd-25th)
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