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botched binding job

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Hi fellow-skiers!

My bindings mounted at a shop give me some big headache as their carve
plates by TYROLIA overlap the ski by appr. 1/8'' on only one side.
Is this a big problem affecting the skiing performance when bindings are
installed not exactly in the middle of the ski width?
Thanks for your opinion!

Tomek from Germany
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When Basin botched binding mount they replace with new skis.
Yes, it is important!
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I'd consider it a big enough problem that the shop should re-do it on new skis.

I can't say what it's really like from experience, as I've never skied on skis with the bindings mismounted like that. I don't think I'd want to.
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I've never had bindings installed as badly, even when I mounted my own bindings... The reason it is bad is that the ski experiences not only pressure perpendicular to the base, but also twisting torques, which are quite high, especially when skiing on hard pack. The axis of your boot being 1/8" off center, the twisting torque becomes different on your right turn than on your left turn, and you are likely to be "skiing with a limp". It is likely to be more pronounced on rotationally stiffer skis. Now, if your boot is still centered with the axis of the ski, I'd say it's a-okay, as long as you dont grab the snow with the plate when it is on the inside of the turn.
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There is absolutely no question that it has to be re-done on a new ski. There is no room to shift that plate along the width of the ski and not compromise integrity of the ski.

And don't let them give you any excuses. I have a Tyrolia race plate on a 63mm (waist width) and it fits just fine.
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On a similar note, I just had some bindings mounted and the (non-adjustable) toe pieces don't match exactly on each ski. They disagree by maybe 4 mm (the toe piece is about 1/8" more forward on one ski than the other). Do you guys think this is an issue that warrants bringing them back to the shop?
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