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Say What?

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In a world of machine groomed powder, soft packed powder, but, at least, as far as the Pacific Northwest is concerned, very little snow, can anyone interpret this:

Our snowpack in the base area has become oversaturated from heavy precipitation Monday night / Tuesday morning. It literally needs to "dry out" or drain before we can begin grooming, so lift operations for Wednesday, January 19 have been suspended. We are hopeful that we will be able to resume operations Thursday

At one point last month, the snowpack was 8% of the annual average up here.
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Interpret it? Well, if they groom the snow when it is soaking wet, it turns into a corrugated metal roof. If they let it drain first, you get "frozen granular".
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If I read that right a snowpack that is 8% of average sounds pretty slim...Good bet the machine tracks will possibly hit the ground.

Grooming it "soaking wet" will leave deep cat tracks frozen into a "corrugared metal roof" assuming the machines can actually run across it.

Let it drain and groom it---Frozen granular if it gets cold or a really delightful surface if it is above freezing !
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