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race binding advice

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i am thinking about buying the atomic sl 9 skis and i need to know what kind of bindings i can put on them]
thanks alot
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Depends. If its an 04-05 model, I think you can mount either a Neox 310,412,614, OR last years mounting pattern- Race 310/412/614, Xentrix series, or Centro's.

If 03-04 or earlier, you can't use the Neox's. ONLY Atomic bindings can be mounted on either of these skis, just choose your DIN range needed.
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oh ok thanks
i just wasnt sure you had to use atomic bindings
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For atomics you must use atomic bindings. Since the skis you are looking at are older, I would get the Race 412 or Race 614 and depending on how high you decide you need your bindings need to be at.
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