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Are Oakley Wisdom goggles suitable?

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I read in another thread that many skiers recommend the Wisdom. However, I wear prescription glasses and wonder if anyone can tell me if Wisdoms can be worn over glasses. I don't have an Oakley dealer locally so I can't try them on.

Would ebay be the best plce to buy, or can someone recommend another source?

Also, is the hi intensity blue lens the best way to go?

Any advice/help will be appreciated.
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try the spy soldier, the oakley is great but i don't think it fits over glasses very well
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It'll be a tight fit and depending on what type of eye glass frame you have. I've tried it and it was very uncomfortable. No room for it and your eye glasses will fog and not the goggle. A word for the wise,just get some contact lenses, youl'll be happier.

As for goggle retail outlets, either try Backcountry.com, Geardirect.com or REI.com and if your stuck on Oakley's go to their website and it'll school you on what type lense color you should use according to the lighting conditions on the mountain.
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I've tried several OTG goggles, e.g. uvex orbit, but they either weren't comfortable or did things like take off my glasses when goggles were removed.

Can't wear contacts so that's not a solution, and lasek's not for me --- I'm stuck wearing glasses.

I checked out the spy soldier but couldn't find anything about fitting over glasses. Anyone else find that these work well, or have other recommendations?

I'm considering Gordini Finish Line and Carrera Keremik or Clear Sport. Anyone have any experience with these?
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I had decent success with the scott OTG goggles. But if you are serious and can't wear contacts, you probably need the ones with the microfan.
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Overstock.com also has a constantly-changing selection of goggles at good prices, but occasionally really weird colors.
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Have you considered goggles with inserts for prescription lenses?

Link to sportrx.com removed at their request. 

I don't use them myself (contacts work well for me, thankfully) but maybe this will be helpful to you.

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I don't think the Wisdom was designed with glasses in mind, so I'm not surprised with the comment above of it not being too comfortable with glasses. Oakley has a OTG model called the L-frame, but they are a little clunky.

As for the lens, I've been using the Persimmon lens. Seems to me like the best compromise for skiing in both shades and bright conditions. Money was no object for me, but it's also a lot cheaper than some other fancier lenses. (as much as $50 cheaper)
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I also wear glasses and second the vote for Scott. I like the Scott "Storm-OTG". They have nice sperical lens and I love the rose/brown tint.
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I wear Oakly wisdom goggles over glasses every day I ski. They fit fine for me. As long as I use two hands to take them off my face, they don't pull the glasses.

Yes, the glasses will fog up first, but thats any goggle. Contacts are the only real solution. If you are carefull, you can minimize fogging.
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I have a prescription lens in my adidas yodai goggles...... works pretty well

Edit to add: I havent tried them out beyond seeing the optics are good..... so cant comment on fogging etc.

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The other day, riding a ski lift at Squaw valley, I noticed the couple next to me both wore goggles over their glasses. Looking closer I noticed a battery on the goggles strap. The battery powered a small fan which blew air into the goggles. This couple swore by this technology, and said it was the only thing that worked to keep their glasses from fogging up on even the warmest/wettest days. I can well believe that this would be an effective way to keep goggles/glasses fog free.

I believe these goggles were made by Scott, but I could be wrong.
If you're stuck with glasses, this might be something to look into. Hope it helps.
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It's the SMITH OTG Turbo-CAM goggles which have this fan technology.
Here's a link :

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Oakley Wisdoms are large enough for some eye glasses. Oakley A Frames are great and provide a bit more room.
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I tried everything in the shop and ended up with Carrera Spirit OTG, and am pleased. The Kiton is available as OTG according to their website, which has a section of OTG only.
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With all of these suggestions, something is bound to work -- thanks for the input.
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