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Boot advice please

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Am looking into getting my first pair of boots this year and want to hear some experts' advice. Went to a local bootfitter, but he wanted to put me into cushy boots. Dont think he believed that I am a good skier and was looking for performance over comfort. I am 23 years old, 6'5" 215 lbs and have been skiing since I was 5. Only ski once a year, but over the years have become a very good and aggressive skier, skiing anything on or off the mountain. Would now like to make the move to my own boots since I have the money now (finally) and live much closer to ski destinations. In the store, I tried on the Salomon Ellipse 9.0 and found it to be too soft and flexible. Also tried the Head RS 80, and liked it better but have not been able to find many reviews of it. I know I dont want a race boot as I like to ski bumps and powder. Was thinking about the Salomon X-Wave 10.0 or Tecnica Diablo Fire. FYI, I wear a 14 street shoe, but am looking for 29.5 or 30.0 boots depending on how they run. Also have a fairly wide forefoot and a high arch. Thanks.

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I can relate.

My first boot purchase (other than second-hand leather and fibreglass ankle-high boots, was a super-stiff boot (Koflach Comp-911 triple-stacked foam). I told the guy exactly what I wanted, and I got it. I had been fed up with mushy rentals and I wanted instant response, even if I had to give up some suspension ability and adapt my movements to compensate for the too-stiff boots. As I was into super high speeds at the time, and really did test my reactions at speed to avoid obstacles, it worked for me and I was very happy with the boots performance.

I've since gotten softer boots, Solly's Crossmax 10s, and enjoy them.

Don't settle for mushy boots. Get the X-wave or Crossmax 10s if they fit.

Some people just cannot believe that someone who doesn't ski 60 days a year can be any good. If 1000 people come into a shop, chances are one of them is the one in a thousand.
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more likely, the shopper overestimates his ability 99% of the time, and the ski shop employee knows this.

it's too bad that some men seem to think that their statements regarding their skill should be taken at face value, even if they are pure exaggeration.

obviously you can't do a good job of convincing the bootfitter of your "expertise," so maybe you're not so "expert," eh?

humility is the mark of an excellent skier. not pride. not bragging. and surely not self-delusion.
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Don't forget, boots are a lot stiffer out in -20F than in a 75F store.
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am not arrogant

Am not arrogant so I did not spout out to the salesperson how good of a skier i was. He asked me what my ideal run was and I told him steep and deep with powder, and next thing he does is bring out a pair of $175 intermediate/beginner boots. I am not blaming him as I should have probably been more convincing. I am definately not an "expert" skier in the true definition of being one of the best anywhere, but if sking primarily single and double blacks defines one as an expert then I fit. Any more opinions on boot fit? I also do not really trust store people since they have a conflict of interests to sell me boots that may not be the best fit. (E.g. maybe they do not carry my size in a better boot)
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