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Patrick Biggs

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Just watched a slalom and saw this skier. He had perfect technique in this race, really centered perfectly.

I'd love to see some video of this guy free skiing.
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Are you talking about the Chamonix slalom? A few others and myself saw that run and the consensus on another thread was "holy *&@#$!!." I need to hook up my radeon and record the rerun of that Winter Revolution episode so I can watch him over and over and over

Two 10th place finishes in his first two WC races ever is amazing. Simply seeing him ski that Chamonix slalom makes it look like this wasn't a freak coincidence and he should be finishing strong in the future too.
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What did he start, 58th or something I think? Put up the fastest second run and held on to first overall through the next 15 guys. I think he's 22 and first world cup. I'm guessing he may be around for a while.
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