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Drove up to Alpine Meadows.

15th - Skied Alpine Meadows - sunny skies - had to return to the parking lot twice to shed a layer. temps were probably in the 30s. Skied most un-groomed stuff off of Summit six. Alpine double and Scott chair. plenty of snow coverage but heavy. north facing slopes in the alpine bowl were nice.

16th - Squaw - 9am - it was raining at the base. My wife called me from our lodge at Alpine - said it was snowing in Alpine !! anyway it was a passing storm. lady at the ticket window said they had 10,000 skiers the previous day. I was skiing with my kids so skied mostly groomers. Long waits at the funitel, gold cost and shirley lake.

17th - Alpine - high of 40F predicted for Monday. Extremely icy in the morning. not as crowded as sat or sun. quit around noon.

This week the temps are supposed to go up to 57F at the base. No more skiing for me till the next storm.

Of course I was not as frustrated with the snow conditions as some others on the lift - becos i skied Squaw the previous wednesday in amazing powder conditions.