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Another Boot Question

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This is my first year skiing and I am loving it. I have been renting my equipment and have gone about 10 times this year. I plan on now buying ski boots, since I have thin calves and the rentals are always very loose on me, I am 6'1, 160 lbs.

So I have gone out to a couple of different ski stores in NJ and tried on different boots, and have narrowed them down to a few that I liked.

To me they all fit the same, snuggly with the right adjustments so I am not sure which one's to get. They all seem to be snug but are not bear grip tight.

Here are my choices and the prices that I can get them at.

Dalbello NX 8.4 - $249.99
Salomon Performa 7 - $279.99
Salomon Evolution2 8.0 - $279.99
Rossignol Salto STX - $219.99

I have read all the manuf. websites and noted the differences in all of them, but I wanted to get first hand opinions from people who may have had experience with any of these. Could you recommend one over the other?
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buy the boot that fits,
Price is the second thing,
FIT is everything.

try on the boots one on each foot to compair, and keep on the better ones till you have gone thru each pair.
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Hi skibob,

It would be quite unusual that all four of the boots that you mentioned would fit you the same.

So I offer the following:

1. It is about FIT, FIT,& FIT. Nothing else matters until you find the best fitting boot. I also suggest that unless you are in that 10% with perfect feet with no arch pronation, that you also fit the boots with insoles, custom ones would be the better choice. YOUR BOOTS ARE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF EQUIPMENT, AND IT NEVER PAYS TO SKIMP WITH THE FIT, BECAUSE OF PRICING CONSIDERATIONS.

2. Next is FLEX. Can you, while in the shop, easily push your knee forward until it is over the toe box of the boot ? If not, the boot is probably too stiff.

3. Alignment has become a more important factor especially with the newer shaped skis, which now are the norm. This cannot be extablished without proper fitting boots [ including the all important custom insoles.]

4. Of course, alignment cannot be done until you own the boot and that brings me to your original question.

If by chance the Salomon Evoluntion 2 8.0 [ mine are a teal metalic blue in color ] is the best fitting boot, I can recommend them. They have great lateral support. I am now in my 4th full season, using my boots. This is a boot that can take you from where you are now, right into the beginnings of expert skiing. You should get at least three seasons from this boot. True it is a more expensive boot, than most of the group, but the additional $70.00 over three seasons, is small for your most important piece of skiing equipment.

There are a lot of user friendly adjustments, some of which are very effective, and others have minimal impact. As to alignment issues, in the Evolutions, there wasn't sufficient lattitude for my needs [ after installing custom footbeds ]to fully complete proper alignment [I am 2.5 degrees biased to the inside for both feet, i.e, I have underbinding shims that are thicker on the little tow edges than the big toe edges, to counter my slight bow leggedness. ]

So that's the long [ probably too long,] and short of it.

In conclusion, I like the boot very much even more so than the Nordica Smartech's I tried on this past fall.

I hope the above helps.
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