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Minimum Standards for West Coast Skiing

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So a few friends and I are heading out West in March for a week of skiing. We will be skiing A-Basin, Keystone, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, and possibly Aspen Mountain. Heres my question: being an East coast skier I do not own a pair of fat skis to bring out West with me. I was wondering what are the specs you West coast skiers would recomend for coming out to ski on those mountains. As of now I'm skiing on an Atomic SX9 and a pair of Salomon 10 2V race skis and I was told these skis would be no where near efficient enough to ski out West. A possible mid-fat or fat ski I would be able to use when I go out West and at home on the East coast would be my goal to get before my trip. I used to race but mostly just free ski now, I'm 5'10" and weigh about 145. I'm also not looking to spend a grand on these skis since they will only be used a few times a year, so last year models are also acceptable to me. Any help you can give is much appreciated.
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best deal out there, is at REI. Check out the outlet. Machete Sins w/ an 80mm waste for 169 is an awesome deal. Its a ski you will have a blast with west and can still ski when you get home on the powder days.
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I appreciate the help and I will look into them tonight. Any other ideas out there? I know there are plenty of powder skiers on this site. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
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None of the front range Colorado mountains including the ones you mentioned are known for big dumps. We rarely get more than 8 inches at a time. 12 inches is a big snowfall for us. It mostly snows in frequent but smaller amounts and the snow is often light. Most of the time your SX9s will be fine. Half the time out here I ski a similiar ski (SX11 or Head iXRC), on soft snow days I ski a K2 AXIS XP or Dynastar 8000. A mid fat with a waist between 70mm and 80mm will be all you need unless you are heavy. I also see a lot of Pocket Rockets in the trees and bumps at Mary Jane and A-Basin on powder days. You will want something that turns quick since the best skiing is often in the trees and bump runs. You may want to just bring your SX9s and rent a wider ski if you get a powder day. By the way the most snow in the front range usually falls at Loveland (400"), Mary Jane/Winter Park (360") and A-Basin (350") in that order. This year Copper is doing well also.
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Agree with rcahill. Rent if it dumps, ride what you brung otherwise.
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agree with rcahill too,

but for so little you should get a sin - you'll never go back to those skinny skis.
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