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just need some advice!

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I just got back from mammoth mtn. yesterday. i rode a pair of Volkl 724 EXP (177cm) skis and I really liked them. I almost want to buy a pair but I'd like to test some similar skis from other manufacturers. Can anyone help me out with the names of some other similar models from other manufacturers?:
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Elan 777, New Dynastar 8000/ 8800, Fischer Big Stick 7.6 Maybe even try K2 Apache recon? What kind of proformance are you looking for in a ski?
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thanks for the options

i just got back into it after ten years and i am just looking for a ski that is a fast ride, good turner on the groomed, and can handle some powder when its available.
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seanfess, welcome to EpicSki!

The best thing about the EXP (which I really like) is that it allows for those of us who learned to ski pre-shaped skis to ski the way that we did on pencil skis.

In addition to those suggested by Utah49, which are great suggestions and all in the same kind of family as the EXP, you might want to try all-mountain carvers like the Volkl 6*, Fischer RX8, and Elan S12. You may also want to try some of the more wild all-mountain skis like the Atomic Metron:b5 and M:11 (these are skied a bit shorter, in general, even that the carvers). Don't be afraid to try them short.

Also, take a look through these forums for any of these skis to get a feel for what other folks like. There are a lot of great skis out there, and especially if you're willing to adapt your technique a bit, you can get a lot more out of them than ever before.
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