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Pistol vs MSP vs Chief vs Nobis/Big vs ARV

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Looking for powder skis and demoing is rough due to location (east). I have it down to a few skis and am hoping for some advice.

My Stats:
160 lbs.
Level 7
Current Skis: Volkl P60 SC Worldcup, Volkl G3
Home Mountain: Jay Peak
Favorite Terrain: Tight Glades

Skis Considered:
Seth Pistol: $440
4front MSP: $425
k2 Chief: $300
Nobis/Big: $350
ARV 2005: $525

#1: Good quickness for woods with good float
#2: Capable on hardpack to get to the woods
#3: Capable of handling soft bumps on the typical east coast powder day
#4: Durability (these need to last a while)
#5: Value, mainly a quiver ski so value for the $ is important.

Skis would be used for powder days in the Jay Glades and one 8 day west coast trip each year.

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if you're on Volkls for your existing 2 pair, you're not going to find a similar "feel" among the skis you listed - although I don't know about the 4Front skis or the ARV skis... if they share the more race-style layup construction of the Volkls you already ski, you might like one of them.

K2s feel "asleep" or "muted" compared to Volkls, IMO.

A friend of mine who's about the same size as you, maybe 10 lbs lighter, skis the Inspired Nobis as his primary ski for backcountry and lift-served. he likes 'em a lot.

if you're mounting AT binders, check out the Black Diamond Havoc too.
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For the money, I say Chiefs...although I own Pistols.
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have you skied the Chiefs, BM? curious about them.
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I own a pair of chiefs. Sounds like they would be right up your alley.
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Thanks to all for the feedback. I am leaning towards the Chiefs, but am a little curious on size, I was thinking 181 for 5'9", 155lbs, but am debating the 174's for the woods and bumps when required.

Also, a question for BanditMan, why did you choose the Pistol over the Chief?

Thanks again to all.
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I'm 155 lbs, 5'10", level 9 skier and opted for the 174 Chiefs.
Didn't have a chance to demo and will be mounting them this weekend.
My reason for that length is to keep them short enough to provide good maneuverability in the trees & bumps and I figure the width alone will allow for sufficient float. My Recons are 174 and are perfect at that length.

Someone let me know if you think I made a mistake because I can exchange them easily for the 181.
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I would say definately go 174. I ski mrg and I have Rossi Bandit xx at 184 and they are fine in most cases but when I go in tight woods it gets bad. Just maneuvering around in those conditions is hard on long skis let alone skiing tight tight trees.

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I am a little surprised at the recommendations for the 174. Most of my searching on the board for skis aimed at similar uses had led me to put more consideration on the 181. For example, the Explosiv. Another ski aimed at powder without a twin-tip. Most recommendations for people my size on the Explosiv have been for 180. Granted it is stiffer with less sidecut, but the intended use is still the same.

I know the 174 would be plenty in the woods around the east, but would it be enough float in deep powder out west. My G3's are 177's now and I have no problems in the woods, but the 98 mm waist impact is a mystery.
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I contacted K2 for recommendations and was told that the 174 Chief has the same effective running length as the 179 Pistol because of "extended contact points." They suggested I go with the 174.
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Thanks for the detail...now all I have to do is put my old 02 Bandit X's up on ebay to move a pair of skis out so the wife will let me buy. Thanks again to all.
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Did he really say bumps on the cheifs???
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