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Head C100(l)

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After getting my girlfriend some new boots with custom footbeds, we have the opportunity to pick up a pair of these with bindings in a package type deal for a good price.

She is a new skier, has only been out a few times and is getting started on a direct to parallel progression. Would we be able to get a season or two out of these? These seem real simillar to the HEAD Big Easy line which would be great.

My thinking would be to get her a solid ski that will let her learn easily, and then graduate to a higher performance ski once she gets there. Basically something to get her up to the intermediate level, and we can get something new once we get there. Think these would fit?

The alternative would be to spend a bit more and go with an Escape 3500, but I am wondering if its really worth spending the extra money for just a small step up at the top end of the ski where we would likely be replacing them anyway. In any case, the deal is good enough that we are likely to save money by purchasing the skis rather than renting, and I doubt they would be worse than rental skis?
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Just my .02, I would go with the Head c140...price is not too much different and I think she will not outgrow this ski, the c100 is basically a rental ski and I think she will outgrow it sooner.

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