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MT Dew // Volkl

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MT Dew Challenge came to Jay Peak this weekend and I now find myself in possession of a pair of "Mt. Dew Skis"

-- Made by Volkl, stiffer than I would have expected, not real shapely- (I didn't measure it before heading south for the week)

anybody know what ski it is?

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I had a buddy who won a pair of those last year... I think it's one of Volkl's Energy skis - either the 320 or 220 (I think they told him it was a 320)
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So you are the SOB who won my skis!!!!!!! JK
We were there too....those guys give away tons of swag. I just have to say that, my daughter came in 3rd in the 6 and under class. Her first race, ever. Proud papa.

oldtimer...I dont know the model for the Volkl but hell even if they are rock skis, not to shabby.
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don't get me wrong- not looking a gift horse in the mouth- simple trying to decide whether to mount them up tele or alpine-
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