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Suggest a super-stiff mid-fat?

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Sounds nearly obscene, but can you name a super-stiff mid-fat? One with the flex of a racer, but a much wider waist?
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The Atomic Rex, Think GS ski with 84mm waist.
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Stöckli Stormrider DP - 91mm waist
Stöckli Stormrider XL - 75mm waist
Head Monster 85 - 85mm waist
Atomic R:EX - 84 mm waist
Völkl 724 Pro - 78 mm waist
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Not too long ago, skis with 70 mm waists were considered mid-fats. If you are looking for a stiff ski of that width, try the Atomic R11 (and previous year's versions).

Other ultra-stiff choices from previous years are the Volkl G41 and G4 (~ 82 mm underfoot). IMHO, they are a lot stiffer than a 10ex/Rex of similar length. I own a 184 10ex and a 188 G4.

Tom / PM

PS - May I ask why you have decided on "super stiff". Unless you are quite heavy (ie, 220 lbs or more), and/or quite a fast/aggressive skier, you will almost certainly be better served by a ski that matches your weight and skiing style.
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If you want "super-stiff" then I guess the Stockli Stormrider XL would be a good choice - there's plenty of steel in the laminate. I suspect that they are stiffer than the Atomic REX and R11 (but I haven't done the comparison although I loved my 9.22/R9 which were obviously much softer).

I bought a pair of Stormrider XLs after demo. I was a little intimdated before testing them by their reputation but have found them a good fit for my fairly aggressive style and reasonably solid technique - they are wide enough to float in powder and blast through crud but most impressive is the performance on real hardpack where I have been able to get them to carve with a consistent precision that I've never achieved before. Downsides would be the weight (certainly relative to my very light R9s) and the lack of forgiveness when landing jumps.

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Volkl Explosiv?
Fatter than midfast with a 95mm waist; stiff; no speed limit; super off piste
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...Volkl Explosiv?...

Good suggestion. Don't stop at mid-fat. I find that I'm using my 80-90 mm skis less and less and just switching between a sub-70 pr or one of my Explosivs.

Tom / PM
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Might want to check out Elan's top end mid-fat's, as I recall they are very stiff for their size.
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Evogear has Volant Machete Sins for $199. It's considered a pretty "stiff" mid-fat.

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The Nordica SUV 14 is an extremely stiff ski. It has a 70mm waist which is considered the low end for mid-fats. It is unbelievably smooth and stable at high speed, bites into ice and can handle a moderate amount of powder.
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Igneous. They'll build 'em any way you want.


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except for maybe SG/DH(which are still relatively stiff), most race skis are softer than in the past. so most 75mm+ waist mid fats will do what you want.
SUV 14? come on give the guy a chance...
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Stockli Stormrider - all models

Igneous (as Bob wisely suggested)

PM Gear Bro Model - stiff flex version

Volkl various

Blizzard various

below the above brands, IMO, come the following:

Elan (for lighter men and women)

Elan (for heavier men)
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Odyssey skis. 81mm waist, any flex you want, $220.
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Just buy this pair:


Heckuva deal on a heckuva ski.

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Volkl G4 of a few years past.
Head Monster 85
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Volkl AX4. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE. Except maybe the Explosiv
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stiff mid-fat?

AK No Ka Oi - 120-84-110 @ 193. Stiffer than Rex & G4's...Not sure about direct comparison to Stockli's though. Very fast and stable..great high-speed crud buster. Very turny though so if you want a straighter ski look elsewhere...


Can't go wrong with Iggies of course as Bob suggested, but I think the skinniest ski they offer now is the FatGS with an 88 waist. They might make something custom for ya though....

And of course, I'm partial to the PM Gear Bro Model (thanks for the suggestion Gonzo)...but it's a 99mm waist. Not exactly what you are asking for here....but check 'em out anyway www.pmgearusa.com
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