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Frightening Article

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This link was posted on the Winter Park forum:

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Judging from the list of articles at the end of this one, this guy has a serious hard on for indoor waterparks.

Sounds like a fad to me. Who has a count of all the resorts that have had "alpine slides" that never amounted to much?
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Hm. I actually think that a destination waterpark geared toward kayakers would be neat. Get on the lift with your kayak, ride up, jump in, drop some absolutely sick manmade rapids on the way down. (can you imagine a series of 12' - 20' boofs all in a row, perfectly designed to be safe and fun?)

Flipping on my engineering mind.... (sound of fans spinning up)

In round numbers:

Water flow rate = 15mph = 22 ft/s
Depth = 4 feet
Channel width = 15 feet

That means the areas is 60 ft^2, and the volumetric flow is about 1320 ft^3/sec, or about 10,000 gal/sec. This is about 600,000 gallons per minute.

To lift that much water 3450 feet top to bottom of Vail requires 4.54 million foot-pounds of work every second.

This is about 8160 horsepower. The pressure head will be about 1470 psi at the bottom. No high-volume pump can provide a pressure that high, so we'll have to use stages.

An average utility pump can turn about 60 psi. So we'll need 26 stages, at 310 HP each, for a total of 6 megawatts of power, enough for 1500 homes. At current utility rates, that will be about $550 an hour or $4400 a day just for the electricity.

Assuming a 30 degree slope, the project will also require 6000 feet of 2' diameter steel pipe, and about 6000 cubic yards of concrete - about 60 cement trucks worth.

That's one hell of an engineering project, but certainly not impossible.

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Silly soothsayers

The guys behind this silly list of "predictions," Jeff Coy and Bill Haralson, are just a couple of hospitality industry booster bozos. They're predictions are designed to sell something -- namely, their consulting work. I wouldn't take the article too seriously.
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They certainly don't understand the current market demographics and movements... That the industry needs to continue to draw young people is a truism. However, many of them are going back to skis (or just starting on skis), so the authors are clearly not too concerned with such minor issues...
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4. Creating new facilities for snowboarders will be difficult for traditional ski resort owners. Older ski resort owners will want to get out of the business rather than try to understand the trinity of the boarding lifestyle. Younger members of family-owned & operated ski resorts will keep some businesses going.

Trinity? Lessee...obnoxious 'tude, faux street cred, dedication to 'getting over' without spending any mony?
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What was this guy's last successful consulting job? The satteite phone? LOL. This thing is so far off the map, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.
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Charlotte, NC is in the works of putting together a prety nice Urban whitewater park. Article:

In what may become the most extravagant project, the Charlotte, N.C., area has proposed a $25 million artificial whitewater course, with movable boulders and rapids that can be changed to suit various levels of experience. Meant to emulate the 2000 Olympics run in Sydney, Australia, the waterway would anchor an outdoor adventure park with climbing walls, a ropes course, meeting rooms and a restaurant on 307 acres just a 10-minute drive from downtown.

I had a link to the plans, but can't find it. Was pretty sweet with a "magic carpet" type setup to take you from bottom of rapids back up to top of run. Will see if I can find the link.
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Reading that reminded me of a question i've asked before, if boarder market is so hot and large, why hasn't anyone built a "park only" type facility for stunts, tricks etc. on some small 300' vertical hill 15 miles outside Chicago, Twin Cities, Detroit, etc. to capitalize on park rats (boarders and twin tip skiers) who like to hang in a park all day and don't need a ski area with 3000' of vertical and 100 ski trails??
Or are there such Park only places and I've missed them?
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