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Expert ski recommendations

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I've read through many threads and appreciate the suggestions knowledgeable people have made. I've not been in the market to buy skis in many years and have been trying to sort through everything the last couple of days. Here's my info:

165 lbs.
34 yrs. old
27 yrs. skiing
3-5 days per year. I just moved to Colorado so I hope to double that number.
Expert. Black/Double Black. Favorite is "steep and deep" but since that's not usually available, I end up on moguls a lot. I don't think I'm good on them but friends do. Would like to improve. Groomers occasionally since they're unavoidable.

I've been skiing 188 cm Rosignol Viper X's for 7 years. The only other ski I've tried since was a 175 cm Salomon Scream demo a few weeks ago. It was easier to maneuver in the bumps, of course, but I didn't like it on the groomers. I don't know if it was just not being used to the type of ski, but the wider tips chattered a lot as I kept my feet close together. Seemed a bit less stable in the crud. They also seemed unusually heavy. It was late in the day - it might have just been that I was tired.

I think I'll try the K2 Apache X's from what I've read here and other sites. I would love a few other recommendations to try. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Looks like we're looking for similar skis here.

Although I don't know how wide you wish to go.
But there is some helpful info there.
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I'm not sure how wide I want to go either. Skiing here in Colorado would dictate a relatively wide ski, but I don't know how much of a radical change I want to endure.
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turt, welcome to EpicSki (and Colorado!)!

First point I'd like to make: most modern skis will respond better with a slightly wider stance than many of us learned on pencil skis. That may have been part of what you experienced on the Salomons.

I'd suggest trying the Atomic Metron series (the b5 and the M:11 in particular), the Fischer RX8 and RX9, the Elan S12 and 666, and the Dynastar 8000s. There are others, too, but that would begin to narrow down the style that you like best.

Where are you skiing here in Colorado? What kind of terrain and snow conditions?
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Thanks for the suggestions, Steve. I'll put them on my list. This winter I've skied Beaver Creek, Winter Park and Loveland - powder / packed powder. I'll ski any of the resorts along I-70. I'm not into hiking far, but I try to find the steepest stuff in the park. After that, mogul runs. I'm not a racer.

Since I'm lightweight, I think I should lean toward a lighter ski that can still handle the terrain.

My Rosi's are still in good condition so I'll keep them for rocks and/or icy conditions, that may be more common in the spring.

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Well, let's try to hook up to make some turns in February (after ESA), then! I ski mostly Copper and the Colorado Pass areas (since I have passes there).
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