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Arch is killing me

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I purchased some Rossi Elite Bandit 1 boots pre-season and finally have gotten into them a couple times. After skiing a few hours my right arch aches with serious pain. Is this a breaking in issue or should I seek some sort of custom insert?
It's only my right foot and I don't notice too much pain while skiing. There is a little ache on the chair lift and gets worse when I take off my skis and walk. I took them off yesterday, ate some lunch and was going to go back out and experienced some serious pain in my arch. I could hardly walk back to the ski check in some comfy Keen shoes. It felt much better a few hour later and even better today however still a little sore. I never had a a high impact event while skiing to cause it that I know of. It's frustrating b/c I had to quit early yesterday and I spent hours trying on a variety of boots and was fitted into these with the "custom" hot air fit etc. Ugh sorry for the whining. In short I can't afford to be taken out again mid-day. What do I do? thanks
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I would say you should seek a good custom bootfitter, but a custom footbed would probably solve part of the problem. I know that when I put on a wrong type of boot for my foot, it hurts. If you live within a driving distance from North Tahoe (CA), I would recommend Cosmo's Custom Footwerks. He got my daughter happy with her boots, while she had the same symptoms early on, except that it was the arch AND the little toe, but just as in your case, on one side.
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It may be that you simply need the boots punched in the arch area. Its a quick and inexpensive job. I myself have a 'meaty' arch and experience a sore arch in my new Langes. They're being punched as we speak, and I'm confident that will resolve the problem.
See a good bootfitter and they will sort you out.
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find your best, most trusted local bootfitter. they'll sell you an insole to properly align your foot, then they'll tweak the boot to work. it's worth every penny and a goodwill sixpack to boot (no pun intended).
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