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Skied Jan. 15 and 16.
Given the amount of rain we had in this area I should say that I was amazed that we even skied but the bitter cold temps have allowed the HV snow crews to make copious amounts of high quality snow.

On the 15th there was a lot of glare ice to be found. However, by Sunday morning the crews had done a really good job of covering the icy spots. The Wall was even open and I watched both of my kids ski it for the first time. On Sunday they had not even begun to push the giant 10 foot snow mounds that they made. Rumor was that they were saving it for today Monday 17. If they pushed all that snow around condition would really be excellent given the terrible weather we had last week.

As we left, wouldn’t you know it, a lake effect storm dropped 6 inches of natural that night and it has continued to snow all day. I was white-out conditions going down Interstate 86 and it was a two hour ride to 90. This is the time to get up to HV it is probably the best shape it has been in all year.