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K2 Fujative

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I've searched here and found no mention of the K2 Fujative... It looks like it might be a good candidate for a relatively cheap ($300 new) eastern kinda-fat (85mm) powder/trees ski. If I get a job (and $$$) farther north out east here, I am considering picking up a pair and maybe some Look P12 jib wide bindings to complete the package. Here are the specs:

Dimensions: 113/85/104
Sidecut: 12mm
Radius: 26m @ 179cm
Constuction: Triaxially braided wood Torsion Box, vertical cap, double binding mat
Features: Twin tip, core center mounting chart, thick edges, disregard for flex profile laws
Park/pipe/jib specific twin
Sizes: 159, 169, 179
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they just came out recently and they are a relatively park specific ski (Pep Fujas pro model). They have a very diferent flex pattern that I think is softer in the tips and tails. Its meant to make on snow spins/manuals/pivoting on tip and tails easier. They might ski decent but I don't think they would be that great. You would also probably have to mount them back. And to get the price down they made a few sacrifices in the construction versus the public enemy, going with cap construction and no rivets. They are meant to be a park ski that kids won't be too worried about breaking (compared to a $600 dollar ski). Maybe look at the volkl v pro if you want a ski around 85 mm underfoot.
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here's somebody else's opinion on this ski (the have actually ridden it), sounds like it might actually be good for what you want.

So, I got my Fujatives today and mounted 'em up.

Be warned that everything contained within is my opinion. If you disagree or don't like it, **** off.

That said, they're worth the money I paid for them. They're not superb skis, they have strong points and weak points just like every other ski, they're above average, but by the hype on here you'd think that they're gods gift to skiing, which they're not. They're another really good twin, specifically park.

The Ski:

The mounting point is incredibly forward. It's not quite a true twin, but it's close. It's very solidly constructed with beefy edges and a bombproof-looking cap. I will say this several times through the review, but buy these long. Buy them very long. I got a 179 and I still feel like they're short because there's so much tail. I would easily ski a 185 or possibly even bigger on this ski. The flex is unlike anything I've ever been on. It is soft enough to pull out a landing you didn't quite stomp, but it never seemed flimsy or floppy, and the snow was very very hard today.


Very smooth taking off and landing. I mean *very* smooth. Landing, they're incredible. You can sketch the hell out of anything and pull it off. I over/underrotated several times, and I was able to pull it out every time. They're very lightweight and never feel burdensome in the air. Rails, I mean meh... any ski feels pretty much the same on rails.

Out of the park:

Why are you reading this section? This ski wasn't made for out of the park! If you wanted an all-mountain twin, you would have gotten the Public Enemy, right? Right?

Anyway, it's acceptable. It's extremely quick edge to edge, which surprised me since it is pretty wide underfoot, wide enough that I had to bend my brake to get my bindings to fit. It doesn't like mach-speed long turns, but this thing rips off short-radius turns almost at the pace of a slalom ski. It's really nice in the bumps, the lightweight feel and catlike reflexes makes it easy to adjust the ski if your line moves suddenly. I took it down a competition run and thought I was in heaven, it really is a fun bump ski.

By the way it skis, I think it would handle very well in powder. It's wide enough and soft enough to float.

Now to the part I didn't like. It's a very nervous ski. I felt like I was constantly in danger of catching an edge if I wasn't on edge. That's probably what allows you to pull out landings so much, but it's slightly unnerving to get up to speed and have your skis catching an edge. This could have been the conditions too, the snow was very hard today. But it feels like even in softer snow, it would still feel nervous. Now, if you're a good skiier, you'll be able to feel it catching and correct it, but if you're an intermediate, you may bail a few times due to no fault of your own.

So yeah. I've skied almost every other twin out there, so if you have questions or comparisons, ask.
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Garick - thanks for the review... It sounds like this might not be the best ski for what I'm looking for. I was attracted to the low price, but the ski looks to be too much of a compromise for the powder/crud/trees ski that I am looking for.
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check out the K2 public enemy. about as cheap as the fujative, and a heck of a lot better all mtn ski.
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