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"The Boot Glove"

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I've heard it mentioned here many times before as being a good solution to help keep your feet warm.

Does it work...? Really, be honest. My feetsies get somewhat chilly when skiing at anything under 15 degrees or so. Are we talking a degree or two difference, or are we talking something legitimate?
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Depends on the boots and liner. When I wore L10s I swore by them except that Reliable Racing used to make a high-top cinch-top model I preferred. With Thermoflex liners I can't feel a bit of difference. Take a look at BigE's front water dam thread (re: Lange World Cup ) also.

As to how much difference is actually meaningful- try this experiment yourself: are you colder in the sun or in the shade on those sub-15F days? Is it 'legitimate' enough that you'll prefer stopping in sun over shade?
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SkiRacrNut, it depends on the boots and what's really causing the cold. For my boots (Tecnica XTs), the liner is thin enough that the boot gloves really work well (all the way down to 0F). They are all I need, even in these consume "plug" boots.
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This has been discussed before, but in a nutshell, they help some, especially if you put them on when the boot is warm (as suggested). I would say it is about 10 degree difference for about 1-2 hours. It depends on how much heat you generate.

Basically, they keep the cold air off your boots so they don't get as cold as fast. If you need only a little extra warmth, I would definitely get them. If you need more, get either chemical or electric boot warmers.
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My wife uses them and is quite confident that they help.
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Boot fit is critical. Mine are snug where I want them to be snug, but the toe box is roomy. When guests show up in below zero temps and 20 mph winds, and the boss asks, "Do you want to take this class?" I say, "Sure!" First, I focus on keeping the entire body warm - which helps the feet. I wear the warmest liner I have under my helmet. I wear thicker stuff, and a wind barrier under my parka, and mittens with liners on my hands with a chemical heater back in each mitten. I also use masking tape to secure a chemical foot heater under the ball of my foot. I warm the boot with a chemical heater or a hair dryer before I put it on. Then, on top of that, I use The Bootglove - and it works! When there's heat in the boot, it KEEPS it in. First, though, ya gotta get the heat in the boot.

Even under less trying circumstances, when the boot is warm, The Bootglove does help noticeably, and it keeps snow and ice off the boot and buckles. Their cost is reasonable, so go ahead! Try them!
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They're dorky as hell, but I use them. On those -30 days, it helps a lot. I keep the buckles loose, and the bootglove keeps the snow out. My heels get cold before my toes, so I figure they must be working.
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I've been looking at these for a few years now. I finally think I'll break down and get some for me and my 8 year old daughter!

Thanks for the comments.

On another note where is the cheapest place to get them. I've been seeing them around $25 to $29.

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Bootglove on Ebay

My kids were complaining about their toes being cold. I thought they were just spoiled and needed to toughen up. However, during one our breaks, I put my hands in my daughters boot and found the front material very cold even after being inside for awhile.

So, dicided to give the Bootglove a try and just won two ebay auctions. I hope to try them next week and will let you know if they seem to make and difference.

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Don't work for me in frigid temps. Tecnica Rival boots. I had to buy Hotronics which I love.
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I never skied many different boots in many different temps and my feet get cold at all til I bought the Dobies. I have good fit so it's do just to the thin liner. I got Boot Gloves this year. That seems to be pletty of help to get me down to 0F or a bit lower with some wind. I think they do make a moderate diff. Not as much as heaters but they are way way cheaper and easy to deal with. I'd say if you just want to take the edge off on the coldest day, they are worth it.

As stated earlier in the thread, put them on your boots when both your feet and boots are warm, before you go out. I don't think they'll help at all to recapture heat once your feet get cold.
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