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ski dimensions

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What do ski dimensions mean in terms of ski performance? For example, a fatter waist makes the skis float better in powder, and a thinner waist makes them carved better? What about the tip and the tail? What do fat/thin tip/tail do? What dimension is ideal, if there's such a thing? : : :


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Your first assumption is true about fatter waists making for better flotation. My understanding of the advantages of a thin waist on a carving ski are that it makes for a quicker switch between turns( not as much ski to roll over). That's why FIS has minimum widths on SL race skis.

Ideal tip/tail width is subjective. It has to do with how much work you want the ski to do for you.

A larger tail on a ski will allow you to keep carving or simply help you out when you get in the back seat.

With salomon's new GS sidecut (fatter tail then tip) it just allows you to stay more centered on the ski throughout the turn.
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my ideal dimension is 115/88/108
really tells you the kind of snow I usually ski. If you and I were on a nice slap of ice and you asked to race, i would rudely decline. =)

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