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I feel sooooo bad!

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We (myself and 8 year old daughter) spent the weekend skiing at Belleayre Mountain with my good friend since childhood and his 9 year old daughter. Towards the end of the day on Saturday, we rode the quad to the top for another run down Roaring Brook. Getting off the lift, his daughter fell to her left, onto the front of my skis, tripping me. I fell down, luckily over her and not on her, but the little girl broke her leg badly (spiral fracture of the right femur). She had surgery at Albany Medical Center on Sunday morning and is feeling relatively well today and is in fairly good spirits.

I know it was an accident and there was absolutely nothing I could have done to avoid this. We were not skiing beyond our childrens cabalities either. It just happens. But seeing her lying there and screaming in pain makes me feel so terrible! My heart is broken.

Fortunately, ski patrol was right there within minutes and they got her to Margeretville hospital quickly and on pain meds fast. My friend is not mad at me and knows it was an accident. But I feel so bad.

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Oh, man, Scott K, that's very difficult, indeed. So sorry. Wish the young lady well for us!
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Scott K Looks like you have a good friend there. So many parents would just lashed out at you without thinking. Hope the girl hasa fast recovery and that she also understands that it was an accident.
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Don't b2 hard on yourself. Stuff happens, she'll be fine and move on.
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Echoing others, be easy on yourself. Kids' bones heal like anything, but adult hearts can take time! And my compliments on a great, gentle choice of run for kids with parents. One of the most beautiful vistas in the East. This is pure bad luck and nothing else.
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