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Is HART coming back to Life?

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I just saw in the Vol.1 2002 edition of a Japanese magazine called "SKI" four models of HART skis: Carve, CarveTT, CarveTT RP, and the F-17?

Does anyone know whether they are back in business or did they just sell their name? I don't think they ever manufactured their own skis but instead had them made in Austria by
I think Atomic.

On a blast from the past note I also saw a Lacroix model in the magazine. They have long been absent I thought in the USA.
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I don't know anything about Harts (didn't like the person who used to rep them to me) but according to this link http://www.hartski.de/english/ they seem to be based out of Germany. Or maybe I didn't look hard or closely enough.
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I must admit though that I always LOVED Harts as a ski. Sorry I couldn't speak to you - about them. I'm thinking of switching to Atomics from K2s, but haven't really decided.
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Lostboy, I used to be the pro rep at my hill for Hart. They are definitely gone. The skis you saw were the last made, and they were produced last year. Harts were actually made by Atomic (I could tell you which models coincided with which, but who cares...). Luckily for me, I now pro rep for Atomic, but I do miss being different...no one here in the East ever really knew Hart...
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Oh well...
Thanks for clearing the matter up though.
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skis&snow - I checked that website! Interesting, but those models are two seasons old. I wonder if the site is current?
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Here's what I know about Harts. Way back in the day they were made by Hart in a factory in St. Paul, Minnesota. They were bought out some time ago and moved their manufacturing facilities overseas, but they kept their business offices, for the US, in the Saint Paul area. Some years after that things changed again and now I don't know what has become of Hart.

I hope someone can finish the rest of the story.<FONT size="1">

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Those Lacroix skis were pricey... $$$$

I could never afford a pair but my wife talked me into renting for the weekend once and they were great.

In high school the Head/Hart thing was like Ford vs Chevy........ Mid 1960's. I skiied Head but that Hart Javelin acro team was great.
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The F-17's were reported to be awesome skis. If anyone wants a pair they are being sold in Tokyo. As girthman reports in this thread they must be the last ones made.
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there is a pair of 204 CTS-14s @ the Deseret Industries thrift store in Salt Lake if anyone is interested.
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Hart skis is still in business in Japan. It apparently is/was a different company from Hart USA. They have been working on a new mogul ski with some members of the Canadian National Freestyle team.
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Father of one of my high school buddies worked for the accounting department at Hart in St. Paul.

Hiya MNSkiWolf. Forest Lake, eh? I'm an ex Wild Mountain instructor. Do we know each other?

Visit me here &gt;&gt;&gt;SnoKarver
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