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New to forum, need some feedback!

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A little about me first: I started skiing in NY at age 6. I am now 35. Raced since I was 8. NASTAR and high school ski team. Last ski owned was a 200cm Olin DXS w/Marker M51 Ti bindings.

Since I moved to GA in '96, I have only been skiing once a year for long weekends. Still skiing the East. Hope to get out west soon.

Here is where I need the feedback. I have recently purchased my first set of shaped skis. the ski shop i grew up buying from in NY, SKi Haus of Brewster sold me a pair of '03 Fischer S500Ti's for a great price. They know my ability and I trust their recommendation. They shipped the skis down to me and I went to a local ski shop here in Atlanta to get my Marker M51's mounted. Well, because of the riser plate on the skis they recommended that I do not mount the markers and talked me into a new set. Well after they screwed up the mounting plate ( riser on the ski ) and told me they needed to get me a new one, I complained and was able to get a Brand new Marker 12.0Ti with piston control mounted without the riser on the ski for the mere price of only $110. The Markers already have the riser with the binding.

My question is this: Does that sound like a good set up? Does the fact that I took the riser off and went with the Marker system change the ski characteristics?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way, i am still skiing my Lange XR9's. Can't give them up.
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No help here?
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Using the search function, I found a question similar to yours from 2003 at http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...Fischer+S500Ti
I recognize some of the names on that post, and I'm sure they will reply when they are available. What length ski did you get? And welcome to Epic.
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Guyski, welcome to EpicSki! I'm sorry that I didn't reply right away, but I am ignorant of the riser on the S500. That said, the S500 is a really wonderful ski, and I'm sure that you're going to love them. While there may be a difference in riser height between the Fischer riser and the Marker, I don't believe that it will cause significant differences in the way the ski skis. Get out there and enjoy them!
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Cirquerider, I got it in 170. i am 5' 7" and 215Lbs. I have thighs and calves the size of Tomba's!

i think I will be able to ski these to their full potential. Just a little nerveous about input to the ski. I am still used to skiing regular ( non-shaped skis ) in a 200cm plus length.

From my understanding, the input does not need to be nearly as hard using shaped skis. I am hoping it will take me just a few runs to get used to. Being a slalom short turn nut, I am hoping the tails will react similar and snap me out of turns when pushing them. Used to love that feeling.
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Guyski, the most difficult transition for me was to learn to keep both skis on the snow and use tipping to create the turn. I used to really set the edges to snap from turn to turn, but no longer do that on these modern shaped skis. And the Scenio is among the best for doing this, too. Just tip them on edge, keeping both skis on the snow and your feet hip-width apart. Use the edge angle to adjust the turn size and shape. You'll be amazed at how much fun they are and how little energy they require to turn.

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ssh, sounds like some good advice. I used to do the same thing you described. However, being aggressive and having some race lessons under my belt when I was young, I have always had my skis at waist width. I also learned how to use both edges back then.

But, people are starting to freak me out!: I really do not know what to expect. i'll find out in short order when I go the first weekend in Feb.. However, it's not all about me.

My five year old is going to go to ski school both days we ski. I can't wait, he is going to love it.

I miss living up in upstate NY and being 1 hour from Hunter.
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No worries mate. With your experience, you will make those skis do exactly what you want them to do. It's not like you can't get feedback from them.
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Hey Ghost?

Can I still lean back a little and let that tail kick me into the next turn Like I used to like?
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