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Originally Posted by son of Spindrift
... we are disussing powder skis, .., but i definitely recomend going shorter.
For anything under 2 feet of powder I'll use my 177's. Anything deeper and I'm doing cartwheels unless I go longer.
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For versatility I see the point of not getting a long ski. But when I've hit the deep powder, I've wanted a longer ski for better float.


179cm Seth Pistol was a blast EVERYWHERE but when I got into waist deep powder, my experience would have gone from a 9 to a 10 if I was on the 189cm, or so I assume.

Same for my Volkl Explosiv: I'm stoked with my 180cm and have no regrets. I almost bought a 2nd pair just in case these got destroyed. The 190cm would be nice in powder but since most of the time it's trees, chutes, bumps, crud, and groomed, I'm happy with 180cm.

For the huge powder days I acquired the K2 Made N AK 189cm. They were tolerable in groomed, crud, and bumps; tough in trees, but in the powder there were quite fun. They now sit in the garage waiting for another powder day.

(I think I'm rambling here....)
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for a light weight skier?

Hey Jim S...

I ski primarly at Mt. Rose on AK No Ka Ois and am looking for a wider under foot platform for those east bowl pow days...i weight in at a whopping 150ish pounds, but ski aggressively. my all mt. skis are 180 cm, and i ski those everywhere without issue...same for my older 180 volkl g4s.

so, i'm looking for some explosivs for AK king salmons...which come only in a 180.

if i can ski an all mt. ski in 180 all over mt. rose, is there a reason to go shorter for the powder ski? would a wide and short platform be better in the tight Chutes?

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I don't know: I've got 40 lbs on you. But I took my 180 Explosiv, 189 Madens, 186 Legend Pros, and other skis in the Chutes last year on regular and super deep powder days (chest deep at times and I'm tall) and was fine.

This year my go to ski is the 189 (and maybe 179) K2 Seth Vicious and I spend nearly 1/2 my time in the Chutes or at Squaw.
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