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ski for fast level 6-7?

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I'm getting tired of wasting time in the rental shop while my daughter gets set up. I would say she's an intermediate skier, about a level 6-7. She skis blues without difficulty unless they are bumped up. She skies parallel, likes to carve turns and usually skis faster than most of the people on the hill, but will skid when hard pressed. She tried out the Head lightning and liked their ability to turn when required, but says she didn't like the "women's" part; they were too light, and didn't have a solid reasuring feel. She doesn't like the rental skis's "not being able to turn" when she is skiing faster. I think they don't have enough grip.

We've figured out a length somewhere between eyeballs and top of forehead, but need a ski. Personally I think the 9S Oversize is a very forgiving ski and would do, but I'm so far from being a learner I really haven't a clue.

What do you think would do for a couple of years?
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How old is she? Fischer RX6, Elan S10, Atomic M:10?
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She's 17. She also mentioned that she didn't need lighter skis, as there is no way she would get tired, and she's not bragging; she has very good endurance, and leg strength. She says she would prefer a more solid feel than a twitchy ski. I'm aware of the difference in CG between men and women, so that's why I had her try the women-specific ski.
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More solid feel, eh? Nordica Speedmachine 12, Volant Gold, or the Elan.
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RX6 or S10. I have had recent extensive experience on the S12 Fusion and it skis very well. I was surprised at its ease. It does however like to be turned... meaning it wont do everything for you. I suspect that the S10 is the better choice in this situation. The RX6 is a comperable ski. It has a more lively feel and wont be as forgiving of mistakes as the S10. The Elan however will offer a very solid damp feel.
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Ghost , if she's advanced enough try a short Atomic Metron , the M8 or M9 will cover most any terrain with good stability .
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I vote for Elan S08. I am skiing these for past 2 months and absolutelly love them. I am not into lighter girlie stuff either (struggled enough with it in the past!) and on this ski I am comfortable anywhare on the mountain. Bumbs have never been easier, it grips fantastic on the ice on the double diamonds and it is forgiving as a ski can be. It has been nothing but fun for me!
Get a quote from dawgcatching if you want the good price!
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Thanks for the replies.

I forgot to mention we usually only find hardpack and ice.

I should have thought of the RX6, since the RX8 is such good for a higher level skier.

Helluvaskier, you say the RX6 is not forgiving as the S10 (by S10 I assume you mean the Elan S10), does the RX6 offer stronger forces in compensation? I haven't tried ELANs for a dog's age, but I seem to remember them as being a little on the soft side. However, with two recomendations for Elans we will have to try the Fischer RX6 and Elan S10 and go from there to S08 or Fusion 12.....so many skis so little time.

About those speed machines....Are the Nordica Speedmachine 12s made by Austrian-Italians according to an old Käsle recipe with a modern sidecut? 12 is a pretty high number and she has already told me she doesn't want to use my Kästles.

Looks like I will spend at least the next two ski days arranging demo skis.
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The Elan is slightly more forgiving than the Fischer. Fischers tend to have a strong snap to them coming out of turns, where elans tend to have a smooth solid rebound... more like the feeling of a rubberband or loose trampoline... versus the fischers that have a stiffer snappier feel. Both are great skis and perform equally well, they just have a different underfoot feel to them.

Recently Elan has been building great skis. Their race line has been a very strong line for the last few seasons, and they have adapted the success of the race line into several other categories. The "S" line has close ties to previous season's SLX/HCX (slalom carvers). The S8 is also another possibility, but will probably feel much softer than the S10 (no metal i think). I wouldnt consider the S12 at all. It is a great ski, but it does take some focus to ski on, and it rewards very good (well developed) modern technique and a strong foreward stance. While it is more forgiving than skiing on a slalom race ski, it may be punnishing for someone who was not used to skiing a slalom race ski. The RX8 will compare to the S12, just as the RX6 compares to the S10. the S8 seems to fall into a category of its own... no company seems to have a ski that can match it directly (RX4 and 4 Star are below its performance). I think that the S8 may be the best bang for your buck in the category.


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Ghost, why Women's skis? Get her on a pair of Volkl 5*'s or Head 1100 SW or chips, of the Fischer 6's or 8's. Sounds like she could use a stiffer ski. I think she sounds aggressive enough.
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Ghost, Greg is right on (as usual).
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