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'06 k2 line

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Not much different from this year...the apache series has a new titan titanium laminate that is suppose to reduce the swing weight. Graphics a little better but nothing too diffierent. If anyone has any specific q's let me know
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I hear there's a women specific version of the Recon being released into the "Luv" series. Would be a great fit for my Mrs. Should I expect to see it later this season or next year?
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The big news for K2 is their Factory Team series- their freeride stuff. The Public Enemy remains somewhat the same, while the Seth Vicious replaces the Seth Pistol (98 waist vs. 95, stiffer). The Fujative has a clear topsheet and carbon runners on it kind of like the atomic beta lobes. There is a new women's public enemy.
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The Lotta Luv. I want pics of the '06 stuff.

Boss wants pics. I called K2. They said they have no pics till SIA. Said the skis weren't on sale. I had email message with prices and early buy info in front of me. :
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My rep just came into the shop the other day to show me newest ski in the Apache Series. It fits between the Recon and the Chief, called the Outlaw (no it is NOT the mogul outlaw of years past) It looks SWEET. 88mm under foot, progressive side cut (more at the, less towards the tail) Can't wait to ride them at the demo next month.
The other ski that is changing a bit is the Seth, I think I recall the name change to the Seth Vicious and it will also have a progressive side cut.
Many will know many more details after next week (SIA)

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Seth Vicious
  • Same dimensions as Chief but tail is 2mm fatter; waist 98mm
  • Progressive sidecut
  • Turning radius/sidecut radius about 2-4m shorter than the Chief
  • Stiffer tail than Seth Pistol
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If any of you have any influance at K2, tell them that they would sell more skis if they did two diffrent sets of graphics on skis like the Seth Pistols. Skiers over 30 look rather silly on a ski that looks like a something a skateboard steet punk on a bad acid trip did.
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I don't know about that. I'm 41 and I'm think the graphics are fun. My Volkl Explosiv are modest and cosmetically are a wolf in sheeps clothing (red with the black yoga buddha whatever silhouette); the K2 are fun and when I demo'd the Pistols it often was a conversation starter. It led one girl to open a conversation and hit on me.
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Dont be too concerned about the graphics, if you can ski them like they're intended to be skied, no one is gonna think they're funny looking.
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Originally Posted by Takecontrol618
Dont be too concerned about the graphics, if you can ski them like they're intended to be skied, no one is gonna think they're funny looking.
Utah49 can ski anyone of them like they are intended to be skied. I tend to agree with him though and I'm at least ten years younger than him.

I'm a huge K2 fan, a big Sex Pistols fan, and Iron Maiden was my favorite metal band from the eighties. But, when I was listening to those bands on a regular basis I was in my late teens and early twenties. My skis then were a pair of skinny 200cm Fischer RC4 Super Competition SL's with the wild for the times flourecent orange checkerboard graphics (I still have them). Maybe those new K2 graphics should appeal to me more and I do think they are cool as Hell but I can not see myself on a pair. Besides, I don't want to look like, or worse, be accused of trying to look like, one of the young Bro Bras they are marketed to... Man I'm getting old.

Maybe another solution is to have a local air brush artist do your own personal graphics. It may add another couple hundred bucks to the sticker price but us old geezers can afford it. Besides, I think that might just be a better conversation starter with the young ladies on the lifts.
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