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Please Help! Ski Length choice for former Skiboarder

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Hi guys,

I've got a dilemma. I just bought a pair of 175 cm Machete FBs and I'm wondering if I should have gone with the 155s instead (165 was not available and I still have a chance to go back and get the 155s). Here's my story:

First of all, I've never skied before. I am 5'11" and 198lbs. I have been skiboarding for just over a year and consider myself pretty good at it (diamonds/double diamonds are fun NOT scary). Now I go to Wolf Creek, CO a lot and I'm getting tiered of getting stuck in the powder on the flat parts. I decided to switch to skis and have been given very different advice by different people. All the people I've been asking for advice are good, experienced skiers but they disagree on what size I should get given my story.

I've been reading this forum for a while and I realize that normally, you guys would recommend 175s. I, however, am switching from 98 cm Line Pro skiboards. I also have to consider that the Machete FBs are very heavy. What do you all think?

1. Keep the 175s?
2. Take them back and get the 155s?
3. Take them back and keep looking for 165?

a. Salomon S912 bindings, or
b. Tyrolia Carbon D9 bindings

I would really appreciate all of your advice. Thanks a lot!

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Adrian, welcome to EpicSki!

Keep the 175s. At your weight, going shorter would defeat the purpose of those skis--especially at Wolf Creek!

You'll not go wrong with either of those bindings. I personally prefer the Tyrolia, but bindings are purely personal preference (the various emotional appeals on this site notwithstanding!).
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Keep the 175s, you're a big guy. Keep your history of skiboarding a secret.
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[quote=Keep your history of skiboarding a secret.[/QUOTE]

Too late for that now!

Anyway, I'm not ashamed of skiboarding. I've had a lot of fun on my skiboards. They are very easy to use and great for a beginner. I am hoping that my comfort on skiboards will also translate into a easier learning curve for skis. I just layed the skis down on the floor and stood on them to get a perspective of how they're going to feel. Man they seem long. Wish me luck!

If anyone else wants to chime in on the skis and the bindings (or even if you just want to poke fun at me for my skiboards), please do so.

Thanks guys! I really apreciate your input
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Keep and use your skiboards also.
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Anyone else know anyting about the Tyrolia bindings? I've searched but can't find out a whole lot about them. They appear to have some better features than the Salomon S912s but I'm not sure what people think about them. This particular model, the Carbon D9, has a din setting up to 14. The Salomons only go up to 12. The Salomons also have a very cheap feel to them but I haven't seen the Tyrolia's in person so they might feel the same.

Also, I have a pair of Line Transfer boots like these: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...sPageName=WDVW

The forward lean of the boot is adjustable and on my skiboards I have been using a very upright setting (almost no forward lean). Is there any reason to do this on skis or should I lean them forward like most ski boots?

Thanks a lot for your input everyone. I really apprecite it.
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So I got the Tyrolia Carbon D9 bindings from Ebay and the wide brakes from backcountry.com. The total (for both) was $140 shipped. I thought this was a great deal because these are the equivalent binding to the 914 (and cheaper than the 912).

I got the bindings in the mail on Friday and yesterday I decided to go up to Santa Fe to have them mounted. I live in Albuquerque but there are no shops that mount Tyrolias in Albuquerque while there are 4 different shops that told me they could mount my bindings in Santa Fe. Well SURPRISE! I got there only to find out that none of the aforementioned shops had a jig that would open wide enough to go over my FBs. I thought I was screwed, but a gentleman at Skier's Edge in Santa Fe was really nice and helped me out. He mounted my bindings MANUALLY! He said he has 30 years of experience but still would not do manual mounts except in the most drastic of circumstances. I convinced him that this was the case and he did a wonderful job. He said it would have been easier if the riser plates were centered on the ski, but unfortunately this was not the case (at least not on my skis). Anyway, it took him a while but the bindings are perfect (not perfectly centered on the plates but perfectly centered on the ski).

I'm really glad it worked out but I also learned a very important lesson. When I call a shop to ask if they can mount a certain binding on a certain ski, I should not expect that they know how wide the ski is just by the name. If I had to do it over, I would have specified that the FB has a 94 mm waist. I would have ended up with the 912s but a lot less trouble.

Anyway, I’m happy everything worked out and just wanted to tell you guys my story…

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Thanks for posting the update. Useful information here. Be sure to update how your skiing goes when you get on those FB skis. It will be interesting to hear how well your skills transfer to skiing.
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