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logical progression?

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I've been skiing for a number of years (9?) and I've become a little bit bored with what I've been doing. My home mountain is Okemo, and the only challenge there can be found in glades and moguls. I was skiing the moguls on top of nor'easter today, and I realized I was sort of wasting the trail, seeing as how the moguls were only at the top and the rest was a terrain park. I've never tried big jumps (the most air I'll ever get is 5 feet off of a kicker on hotdog hill) and I was wondering the logical progression towards learning the bigger ones. Is it simply put on a helmet, find a medium jump and fly towards it (you can't really take them slow otherwise you just miss the landing) or is there a better route? All I'm looking to do is get a bit of air, and maybe by the end of the winter start attempting 360s. Would I need twin tips for that? I have volkl ax3's now.

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Here's a "progression" for you....

Get a helmet - definitely! Make sure it fits properly. A loose helmet is more dangerous than no helmet.

Learn park etiquette and safety - when there's a group waiting for a hit, call "Next" to be next in line to go and "Dropping" when you take off and don't get too annoyed when some kid cuts you off.

Dissect the the jump into pieces: approach, take off, manuever and landing.

Polish your technique on the smaller jumps - develop the skill to estimate the proper take off speed for the size and height/length of the jump versus the snow conditions du jour - you want to target your landing for the middle third of the landing ramp. For your approach either use a technique that relies on a straight run from a set starting point, or have a good feel for speed checking with turns or wedges (preferably) to get to the desired take off speed. Make sure you can take off going up and forward - out of balance take offs cause off the feet landings. Manuevers (e.g. a grab) are optional, but sometimes a manuever (e.g. a spread eagle) can help you stay in balance while in flight. Otherwise try a jump without a manuever first and try new manuevers on smaller jumps first. Landings need to be either flat to the ramp or slightly uphill piece of the ski (usually that's the tail) first so that your center of mass can move forward with the ski to get off the ramp upright.

Use the sides of bigger jumps to make them smaller if you have limited choices for gradually increasing the sizes of your jumps. If possible, do safer types of big jumps first (e.g. rollers), before attempting more difficult jump types (table tops and espcially gap jumps). Before doing bigger jumps, do a run through to estimate the proper take off speed and check out the conditions of the landing ramp. Watch where other people are landing vs their speed and takeoff point. Use a spotter, even though hardly anyone else does.

O yeah - and don't forget:
wear clean underwear
make sure your insurance is up to date
bring Aleve with you
have a designated driver to get you home in case of injury
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thanks for your help and the link! I do have a helmet that fits perfectly, and I'll certainly use it. I've read up on the difficulty of the 360, so I'll probably cross that off my to do list, but back to the question about my 724 ax3 skis? would they be alright for some simple jumping (as in not breaking them, I love them)

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You won't break them. Don't land on the flats. For tail wash out I might suggest this- as you traverse, coming out of a turn, try keeping your shoulders parallel with the angle of the hill. This keeps your edge contact the whole length of your ski. If your ski isn't too short this will do two things: 1. reduced or not tail wash-out, 2. no z-turns (scrubbing off speed at the end of the turn.) This controls speeed throughout the turn because you have total edge contact throughout the turn. This along with keeping shoulders over the knees and not the waist and steering the inside ski will be of great help!
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