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i got a SET OF rossignol 9s pro brand new for free. 168cm side cut is 87-62-76. i am a interm skier, and was wondering if these skis are going to be to much for me. they are still in the wrapper and never drilled. i have been told they would be fine on the pa mtns and handle turns with ease. i have also been told, they will be too fast for my ability. can anyone please comment. i have marker 6.2 binding for them.

$$$$ is an issue, so i am looking for price. i ski pa, about 2 times a week durning the season


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didn't know pa had mountains.
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oh yes, pa HAS mountains. They have just been worn down by erosion over the years!
Those skis may be a bit too much for you. You could probably get some good money for them, and then go out and by a set of intermediate skis.
btw where to you normally ski at?
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How old are the 9s that you are talking about? The older (5 years), 9s didn't have a lot of sidecut and were darned near "straights".

I skied them in 185 cm @ 160 pounds. Back then they were a good ski, but things have come a long way. Since we ski on "Pocono Powder" ..... ice that is, they are not going to give you the edge hold and on many days you need it.

I pulled them out of the truck at the end of the season and tried a few last runs on them because I didn't want to ding my new skis ....... bad move! I went right back to the locker and dug out my new ones. There was a world of difference. Prior to that my teaching/rock skis were Volkl p-40's in a 170 and I had sold them the day before figuring the old Rossis would fill the gap. Got a gouge in the bases of my new Stocklis but at least I had fun.

Unless you are a real lightweight, they won't be too much for you but they may inhibit your edging and style.
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He says they are "brand new" and "still in the wrapper", but the sidecut seems very small. I wonder how he ended up with an old ski that was brand new? does that even make sense?
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Langhorne Ski down in the Morrisville/Philly area still has about a half dozen pairs of brand new 9s pros ..... exact same as my 5 yr. old ones they still had a $400 price tag in late spring. They were mostly 185 + sizes.

They were a good ski for someone who was reluctant to transition over from straights. I had to endure a lot of badgering from the shop guys before I switched.
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Sounds interesting. I didnt know of any ski shops that sold skis like this one before you mentioned it.
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