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K2 Axis

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Has anyone demo'd or owned the K2 Axis skis? (not the Axis X or Axis X Pro). I demo'd both the Pro and X, and I loved the X.
However, I've also read rave reviews about the Axis from 2 major ski magazines, and I was wondering if anyone could share their own experiences.
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I think Oboe's the man to talk to.

Do a search under "Axis" or "Mod" to find out more.

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ya, truckman, I did post a few reviews in the consumer reviews section. Not only have I - Mr. Average - loved the Axis [mine is called the Mod 7/8 - same ski with last year's name and color], but bigger, stronger, better skiers than I also report having the hots for it. I am 145 pounds, 5'8", very mediocre skier. Last year I skied that model in 174 cm and loved it, except in tree skiing situations where it seemed just a trifle too much. I sold it to a heavier, stronger skier and bought the exact same ski in 167cm - and now I'm also loving that. The ski is somewhat softer than the Axis X, has the same width at the waist, but has a wider tip and tail, making it great for deeper snow and stable everywhere. Feels smooth and stable. If I lived and skied in the west, I'd stick to the 174 cm - and in fact I do miss some of its float and stability, but for the east, the 167 is great. If you want some further direct discussion, my e-mail is

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