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restructuring bases

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Hi, I ski on ice a LOT at my home hill, and I have in the past two seasons worn the texture on the bottom of my skis to near glass like smoothness and I am looking for something to esily give a little structure back to my bases. I've heard some say a new steel brush like one welders use for cleaning slag off welds works brushing length wise and then using a flat razor lightly to remove p-tex hairs. I would like to know if this is good advice? I am going to get them ground at the end of the season but I would like something to keep them from sticking in the wet snow.

A little background, I do wax consistently ever two days out with an iron and temprature matched wax with a corked-on layer the day I don't wax, finishing with a nylon brush to remove excess.

Any advice on the technique I talked about earlier or another good one for restructuring skis would be appreciated.

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The best to do it is to have a good shop grind structure into the base, I don't like wire brushs/rill bars or anything, it is too easy to damage the base.
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Yes, a steel brush will work for starters
For colder harder snow, i would follow with 150 to 180
silicon carbide sandpaper wrapped around
something tubular and true ( a section
of 3/4"+ dowel or plastic pipe (nothing
flexy). Springtime you could drop the grit
to 120 or less. You can work both direction
with the paper. Then after that, brass/bronze brush
tip to tail. Fibertex (ScotchBrite) tip to tail.
Prepwax and scrape to further rid the "hairs"
Or if you are not confident with tools or
do not want to purchase same, bring them to
a shop.
I don't figure that option, there are 6
skiers and boarders in this bunch.
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If she has "polished the base to a glass like surface" as she said my feeling is the ski needs to be ground flat and have new stucture put in, it is more consistant when done by machine.
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Depends on where you spend your $$$$$$$
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SHE bootDude? SHE? I may have a strange sounding German name but I'm still XY all the way

The rest of the advice is helpful, I AM going to get it ground but I will probably do it at the end of the season after my last day on snow. I thinik for now I will work with the steel brush and sandpaper like John J said. Thanks for the help so far.
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The Swix Alpine wax manual has info about this. For $2.50, its a steal. If you can't find it locally, try www.tognar.com: item SWX-PR203.
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Also you might consider buying a riller bar from Tognar.com

This is a brass bar, very cheap, with two serated edges on each long end, very much as yoiu would find on the edge of a file. One side has these edges far apart. The other side has the edges close together. The close together edges is for harder, dryer and colder snow and ice.

How to use- Starting from the tip of your ski, place the bar at right angles to the ski length. Tip it away from you, press down hard and drag it the full length of the ski. You can do this a number of times if you wish. You might see more or less structure imparted to your ski base in some areas more than others. This is ok and due to flatness or lack of flatness of the base.

If you can't get to a shop for a structure job, this works well. I have used mine with excellent results on the hill. My skis perform well, no snow sticking, easy gliding. Bob
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