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I need some big ass boots..

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im saving up money for next year, and i need some help for a boot. i have size 13.5/14 feet, and this year i have been skiing on dalbellos, and by god they are the worst boot i have skied on.(dont know the name, the big grey ones that every rental place in america rent, those where the only boots i could find for this year). im a really big(6' 3'', 240) and aggressive skier(blacks, double, whatever) and i cant find a boot that is good for me. my dad has the rossignol (?) beasts, and i was recomended the speed machines by rossignol(?). anyway, i dont even know what company's make a boot thats that big(31.5-32.0) and that is that stiff. price is a factor, so anyone with any info regarding models or places to get good boots would be awesome...thanks
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nordica makes beasts and speedmachine...
thats all i can help u with sorry!
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I don't know of any manufacturer that focuses on donkey boots

nor one that focuses on buttocks boots.
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thanx.....that helps.......alot.......
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I'm in a 30.0, which is not quite where you are, but close.

I wear last year's Technica Rival X9 HVL (because my forefoot is huge and my heel isn't). There is no X9 this year, but they were bigger inside than this year's X8 or X10, so you might see if you can find any at good ski shops.

They aren't as stiff out of the box as you want, but they have lots of options to stiffen them up and to make them fit your feet (like one ankle on me is bigger than the other, so using these insert adjusters I can make that boot a little looser so that my toes quit going numb.

Good luck! the next problem is getting skis that fit a 350-400mm sle length!
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Lange makes boots in a 31.0 so does Dolomite and Tecnica, we carry a few boots that big,the challenge is finding a shop that carrys them. If your foot is narrow look towards Lange, average volume check out the Diablo, and if you are on the wider side look towards the Dolomite Rage 10 or 12. Thats about all the advice I can give without seeing your foot.
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salomon make the X wave/ X max to a 32 i Think

and they make a few others all the way to 34.

Nordica DID make soem Nexts to a 34 also

just make sure the shell fit is 1-2 cm MAX. big feet doesn;t mean bigger shell fit
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I'm 6-4, 240#, no 245, really. 14 to 15 street shoe. Expert skier. This is my 4th season in a pair of Salomon X-wave 10s, size 30.5. They have been great for me. These things are like slippers compared to the Nordica GPs back in the day. And I have never thought - gee, I wish my boots were stiffer.
Do your self two favors: first, search this board for a good boot fitting guy/gal in your area, go to that shop, buy some boots and spend time and money getting a good fit. Second, have said boot fitting guy/gal make you a pair of custom insoles (aka footbeds, orthotics) for your boots. The insole may help you fit into a shell that might otherwise be a little on the snug side, they will make your feet/boots/skis more responsive, and best of all your feet will thank you on those days when you are really pounding it out.
Good luck.
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