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skiing is dangerous..

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I fell tonight for the first time this season

Of course, I was trying out Jeff's Head Monster skis (OOH, heavy and too long for me!), and hit a patch of ice on some chunky icy run. I did find them easier to ski than my Rossi's. Hmmmm.....sounds like new skis for me soon!

I therefore must conclude that skiing IS dangerous. So there.
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Originally Posted by Bonni
I fell tonight for the first time this season
*clap* *clap*

You're my hero. Congratulations for trying.
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Falls while skiing are gravity-driven insights.
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I don't have a fear of falling.

At my age, falling on what's called "snow" here could break a hip or arm or neck. It's so hard you can jab a pole in with both hands and it just falls over. Not something you want to fall on often.
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I fell yesterday on a double black run in the "Chutes" area of Mt. Rose. I thought the snow was still soft from the past week's giant storms, and I'd just "thwump" down into the snow and stop. Nope. One ski & one pole flew off immediately, and I found myself sliding downhill on my back on a very steep pitch (seriously like 45-50 degree pitch, in-bounds), towards some trees. Somehow I realized this was a Bad Thing, and managed to turn myself around and stop with the one ski I still had attached, and the other boot.... 8 feet above a group of trees.

I skied down the rest of that run rather slowly. No injuries; left knee feels a bit sore but nothing popped or tweaked in it. I was wearing a helmet (always do), but still; kinda scary to think what would have happened if I hadn't stopped.

Be careful out there--

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