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Shout out for contact lenses

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I finally got contacts for skiing and can no longer understand why I waited so long. I was at Alta last week and it was pure pleasure. No more fogging, everything was crystal clear with improved depth perception. The only thing I needed to do was put in a few rewetting drops every 4 hours or so to help with dryness. So, for anyone who is still posting asking how to keep their glasses clear, GET CONTACTS. (BTW, I still used my Scott OTG goggles and they were great.)
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I tried both contacts and glasses last year..... the contacts are way better like aschick says...... I did find them rather tough when my eyes were not shielded by goggles/sunglasses because they dried out very quickly and my vision because a bit blurred

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buns, are you saying that you ski without eyewear? Be very careful of this! Both due to the reflections of the sun and the damage that can be caused by hitting airborne particles at speed it is highly recommended that you ski with eyewear (sunglasses or goggles).
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Contact lenses SUCK!!!!!! If you can possibly afford it, get lasered. Do some research and find a reputable doctor. Don't let just anybody do it. I wore contact lensed for about 35 years and I had my vision corrected by laser about 6 years ago. Every morning when I wake up I still think how ecstatic I am that I have better than 20/20 vision as soon as I open my eyes. No more cleaning, no more soaking, no more sore eyes, no more NOTHIN'; just seeing better than I ever did with any kind of lenses. And, YES, wear sun glasses or goggles that protect from UV! UV can damage your eyes in a way that is not immediately apparent and that shows up with blindness later in life. This is SERIOUS!
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I didnt say I skied without eye protection..... just up in the cold makes my contacts a big blurry. To be honest, goggles are ok at not blurring me, sunglasses arent.

Powderdog, be careful with unreserved recommendation, it can go wrong! My biggest reason for not having it done is that I havent heard of a single practitioner who knows what they are doing..... there is a big difference between a doc who can tell you all about it, how it will be done and how great it will be and between one who understands..... that is the reason why when it goes wrong, they cant react and fix it..... because they wouldnt know how!

Sorry...... rant over...... I have issues with these 'physicians'!

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glasses are the worst. Contacts are tollerable, but (for me) dry out. Lazik is awesome.
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