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I never use the bar. Well unless it has a foot rest and I feel like resting my legs. But this does not happen too often. I do appreciate it when people say stuff like, "bar coming down." Some kinda warning is cool. It is nice to know so you do not get hit, or your fingers smashed. When I first started skiing my boyfriend put down the bar for me. After a few times he left it up and I did not even notice until he said something. Now I do not bother with it, unless I am sharing a lift w/ some one other than my bf. Occasionally we ride up the mtn in the singles line to get there faster.
Nuff said.
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Originally Posted by lilskeer
I never use the bar. Well unless it has a food rest
Just when you thought it was safe to go to West Virginia. Kill your lunch in the liftline, then if the bar smashes your fingers it can't get away.........and it won't need a rest.
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Originally Posted by Mainiac
Just having gotten back from Sugar, NC, I too conclude lift lines and rednecks do not mix. Rednecks make for rude skiers and boarders. A week ago a 'necks 4X4 slid sideways to within inches of my car...security and the parking attendant were yelling at the neck, who was trying to do something he was not suposed to do...sneak into a steep access to the parking lot.
eh, dooooooooowhaat now....???
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