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Proper Ski Length

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im looking to buy some new machete sins. im 6'3'' 240 and a really aggressive skier. i know that short is the new "long", but what would be a proper lenght for this ski, or any ski for that matter for me. Im advanced to expert, and have no problem blacks or double blacks. need some fellow skier advice on this, since im a college student and am low on cash, dont want to waste money on a ski thats not the right size.

thanks for the help.
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I'm your size. My 12 pair of skis range form 165cm to 215cm.
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Definetly over 180 anything else would be too short
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The Volant Machete is available to you in either 175 or 185 cm. It is a 115/81/104 profile twin tip ski with a 24 m radius. This ski is a bargain right now and is a reasonably stiff ski for someone your size. Origiallly $750, it is available under $200. Given that twins tend to ski shorther than their length, the 185 seems the most appropriate for your weight unless you want to carve mainly short turns on groomed snow. Demo is best, but is often not possible. I don't have personal experience with the Sin, but if you like speed, go 185, if you prefer turns or go to tight spaces, 175 may work. Hopefully Xdog1 who skis on these will respond.

I have been amazed that at 200+ lbs my everyday ski is only a 168 cm Volkl 6*, and I really like it. See thread at http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=22760 to see how a small ski can handle in big powder for a big guy.
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I have the Sin in a 175cm; I'm 6'0" and 190#ish. At 50# more than me, and since you're a "really aggressive skier" and have "no problem on black or double black" go with the 185cm. I don't consider myself "really aggressive" and I admit to having problems on double blacks... anyway, I don't find the Sin to be overly stiff. It seems to have a pretty even flex throughout, with the tail a bit stiffer than the rest.

The Sin really isn't a twin-tip, despite the advertising. The tail doesn't curve up off the snow much at all (no rooster tails thrown); it just tapers a bit at the tail end into a sort of round tip-like shape. I would never consider it a twin tip like something from Line, or a 1080 etc.

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Stiffies and shorties

I drop 10 cm for each increase in with from all-mtn, to mid-fat, to big-fat skiis AS LONG AS there is a corresponding increase in stiffness! Otherwise I drop 5 if they are somewhat soft, as an alt try the CHUBB or FB if you can stand the stiffness w/ your specs it shouldn't be a prob. It also depends on the type of terrain in your skiier category. I'd go softer if I punch chutes more so more of the edge is contacting the snow (as opposed to 2 points w/ a stiffie)! YMMV.


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