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First family trip to PC - Q's

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First off, BIG THANKS to all of you Barking Bears! I've been in the shadows for several months living vicariously thru you all. I took my oldest (14) to PC (Canyons) in Jan. 04 for his first time in mountains - I hadn't been skiing out west in 25 yrs. (attended Coliversity of Unirado, Boulder). Now I've got the bug bad. Wife says "let's all go next year". Can't afford it, can't afford not to.
We're staying at the Interline Condos at PCMR 2/12 - 2/19. Wife - intermediate, son 14 - intermediate, daughter 11 - starting to parallel, son 10 - wedge kamikazie, me - still crazy.

I am humbly looking for any advice, but here are some specific q's:
1. Should I ship or schlep the equipment?
2. Best place for lessons for wife and kids?
3. Wife and kids have good equipment, I have K2 Four 88's and would like to experience new skis; what and where should I rent from? Should I bother bringing my skis?
4. Best value transpo co. from SLC to PC?
5. Best family eats in PC?
6. Would a day trip to a Cottonwood resort be worth while?
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utah ski and Golf, one of many locations at the airport near the baggae claim.
One of many shuttle companies will take you bring you back
Deer Valley for ski school. They have some great kid instructors, and your wife could sign up for a womens only lesson. also a state liecensed day care if yu have little ones to young yet to ski.(dont be crazy and ski with your young ones in back packs)
Day trip to the other side, Solitude is probly the most family freindly resort. Rentals cars also at airport, cross the street from baggage claim.
www.skiutah.com for more info.
Think about shipping the gear.
If you have more than a couple of kids, then trying to watch them and all you gear, will wear you out before even getting on the plane. Fedx i knows ships skis.
As for family eats, Alot of peopel suggest Main Street Pizza Noodle.
Iam sure every one else here will add to what i listed.
Oh and in the PC area theres the free shuttles that move you all around the area, from DV to the Canyons Resort.
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spend the $ for a rental car. you definitely want to ski cottonwood canyons, and in general you do not want to be waiting around for buses. Snowbird has a good deal,1 kid under 12 skis free with adult ticket (you do not need tram upgrade).

If you want to save bucks its pretty easy to eat cheaply in PC. Dan's is a good grocery and has prepared foods (skip the Albertsons). There are lots of good cheap take-out places (Mountain Chicken, or the teriyaki place next to Dan's). PC pizza is pretty lame, tho. Not a whole lot 'o ambience at El Chubasco but excellent cheap Mex, 20 kinds of salsa, and the all-important Dos XX.

You can get discount tickets for Canyons ($45 adult, compare to $68 at the mt) online from Costco.
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