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Bandit X or XX size ?

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I’m thinking about purchasing a used set of Bandit X or XX skis. I’m thinking 184 would be the correct length but have seen a couple of good deals for 177’s. I’m 6 feet tall and 180 lbs. My current old skis are 188 K2 El Camino’s. I ski black and some double black diamonds. I’m looking for something a little wider than my old El Camino’s and maybe turns a little quicker in bumps. Does anyone have any good input on the size that would suit me.

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184 for either. Everyone will tell you shorter but I skied the 184's for a few years and loved them. I'm 5'9" and 185 lbs.
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I bought some used X's this year to use for teaching and possibly moguls. I wanted really short for teaching, so I got 160's (5'10", 155lb). I am having a blast on these skis. I haven't found any issues of 'too short' and have had them carving at pretty high speeds. Only hit moguls in them for a few runs, but they seemed great. I don't think the 177's will seem too short for you if you find a good deal. My other normal skis are 179 xscreams to give you an idea of how short these really are to me.
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Thanks for the replies. I'm still not too sure but if I can get the 177's cheap enough I might give them a try. Anybody else got any suggestions?
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i'm all for the longer size. if you want to get something that is wider than you Camino, better look at the XX. i had this ski in 184. it rips. it's easy to turn. teachers have different needs in a ski for teaching - they have to be able to demonstrate very easily how to turn - a short ski is good for this. for those of us who do not have this need, a super short version will not be as great.

you're on a 188 shaped ski. if you can handle this ski without any problems, why go much shorter?
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