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So I was up at Copper yesterday with my new "cheapo" skiboards off eBay (first time trying out skiboards). I busted the plastic bindings in half on both skiboards on my 3rd run of the day (and ended up having to walk down almost the entire mountain!) so I ended up demoing a pair of 170cm Atomic SX:10 boards for the rest of the day. Here are my thoughts.

My regular boards are Volkl 5 Stars in 175cm and Volant Machete Sins in 165cm. I'm 5' 7" and 180 lbs. with a somewhat athletic build (I'm heavier than I look - at least that's what my wife says!). The Atomics had Salomon bindings mounted on them with a fairly high riser plate. The tune-up "looked" fairly good and fresh, but I didn't have any tools with me to see if they were actually setup well.

At first I really hated these skis. Much heavier than my Volkls without the same confidence inspiring feel for the snow. My thoughts on them never really changed as far as on the groomers and ice go. These skis just never showed any of the edge hold that either of my other two main pairs of skis have (I even swapped skis and checked the edges with my fingernail). I have to think this was somehow due to the tuning though. It can't really be these skis can it? The SX:10 is a bit narrower under foot than my Volkls (65 vs. 68) and in the shovel and tail.

After a few quick runs on some groomers to get a feel for them, I took them up to the top of the Superbee to see what they could really do. It's here that I was surprised. They performed very well in the moguls, better than either of my other skis. I think that can be attributed to the difference in sidecut and overall dimensions. They felt very "solid" through the moguls and it was really easy to either float through the trenches or bash the tops (whatever your style). I haven't had great experiences with more radical shape skis in moguls so these skis were a pleasant surprise.

These skis were also good in the crud. The provided enough torsional strength to really cut through the crap, yet were soft enough to not require man-handling just to cut a good turn through the crust. Once again I was quite surprised.

Of course then I had to charge down some groomers to get back to the bottom and I was missing my Volkls and Volants again.

In the end it was interesting to get some time on a pair of Atomics (haven't skied on any in quite a few years), but in the end I probably wouldn't be interested in purchasing them. What I did realize though is that it probably makes sense to add a ski with a less radical sidecut shape to my quiver as a good solid mogul ski.