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How do I customize my liner

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Never owned good gear before and I uncustomarily bought in a hurry without doing my "research"...then moved overseas. The boots are Lange Vector 7 and I think I have to do something to mold the liners. Do I somehow apply heat and stomp around the house for a few minutes?

Sorry to ask such a basic question. If someone knows of a good online guide on the topic that would be great. I live in Seoul now and the language barrier is a problem for asking a shop. Checking out Korea's Winter Olympic bid (Yongpyong) on Saturday.. help please! :

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I don't know about Lange's liners as far as how to mold but

Stomping around the house would not be a good thing as walking in boots is not the same position and movements as skiing.

Most fitters that use heat molding have you stand in a "ready position" often in skis or a device to put your feet in the correct skiing position.

I would go to the ski resort nearest you since you don't know the lay of the land yet, and ask for an instructor that speaks english. Then ask him for a recommendation for a fitter in your area.
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The heat application just speeds up the process any ways. It's not essential. If they aren't causing significant pain just ski in them, they'll mold just as well in a day of two. If you heat at home you could use a hair dryer. The unit supplied by Lange in manufactured by an outfit called 'coif in', any guesses as to what they usually make? Stomping around the house isn't so bad, it's not exactly skiing but it's not that different. Flexing forward lots helps set the heel in and forms for the ankle movement.
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Excellent folks. I will do both...1) Ski in them for a day and 2) inquire at the mountain about a shop with a skilled fitter. This way I will find out if there are any "hot spots" and not mess things up with my own amateur attempt. Hmmm "coif"?? ...I'll bet it's my wife's hairdresser could say.
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Don't know why it would not be good to wear the boots around the house to break them in. I break all my boots in at home by wearing them everyday for a few hours sometimes months before getting on snow. I also place a pair of skis on the livingroom floor, step in and rock back and forth similating ski movements. Has worked great for me.
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