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Volkl P50

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I have a chance to buy a pair 02/03 Volkl P50 SC Racing Race Stock skis with marker comp 1400 for about 250$. I weigh about 125 pounds and I was wonder if this was a good deal. I’ve been looking for a good pair of slalom skis and im not sure if i weigh enough to carve a decent turn? thanks a lot for the help.
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Hello Eli

You dont mention the length of these skis. The shortest length they come in is 150, which you should be able to handle if you can meet the following criteria. Is you skiing ability and strength up to handling a ski that is heavy has a great deal of rebound and is a very technically demanding ski. The price is good only if the skis/bindings are in decent condition. If you plan to use these just for your daily ski I think there are more well rounded more fun skis available to you.

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they are 155
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They should be fine. You don't necessarily need to be heavy or strong to turn these skis effectively, but you should have a good, strong, carving technique. The skis respond almost effortlessly when turning forces are applied to them properly.
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thanks a lot
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